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I have recently found it hard to find any nearly decent place to study. Specifically, because I am stuck in my hometown with an online school experience, where half the places I would usually study are not available to me. I thought where to study would be obvious, but during this time, where is open/safe is hard to really figure out. With that being said, here are the best spots, for your next study sesh. 


Outside (and more specifically at an outdoor table)

For some reason, reading “the body rituals of west African tribes” reads better when the sun is out and I’m tanning. Being able to tan and get some work done is a win-win. Find a place in your backyard, go to the community ran outdoor area, or maybe (if you are at school) outside your dorm. Look for a table, bring your backpack and your SPF.


I thought my library was closed completely, I was wrong. Not only do you get books and silence, but you also get a whole table to yourself. I go once a week, and it feels good to get some normalcy back in my life. Its no Alden but I get more work done when I can’t watch TV while working. Being at the library also forces you into a school mode. You usually do have to wear a mask, but I think it’s a small task to have some quiet study time. 

Another College

Weird prospect, but there is a college near me that has tables outdoors for students to study. I just told myself “no one is gonna know you don’t go here”. It makes you feel like a secret agent because you look like a student and look like you should be there. Just do not talk to anyone--I repeat--do not talk to anyone. Because what's weirder than a random person talking to you about school, at a school they don’t even go to. I’ve already done it and one word goes through my head “crickets”, you will hear “crickets”. Bring schoolwork, a backpack, and AirPods (so you don’t have to talk).

    Outside a coffee shop

    The best part of this is that you get coffee while you study. A simple treat that I think grounds me in all of this madness that is corona time. But you really feel like you are in a Gilmore Girls episode, sadly its no Luke's and you are no Rory but still, more exciting than being at home. Make sure not to forget to invite a friend, so you can study together (with the obvious social distance between you too).

    I wish there were more ideas I could give you, but make sure to try and get yourself out of the house, and change up your studying habits. I think that being able to go to these places has allowed me to get myself more organized. I hope you all find your best study spots.

    Hi I'm Julianne, a sophomore at Ohio U, majoring in communications. I am also the Events Director for HCOU.
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