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Fall TV: Guys with Kids

I love a good situation comedy. From the classic laughter of The Cosby Show, to the modern quips of Friends, and let’s not forget my personal favorite The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In a sea of reality television, game shows and multi-camera dramas, I long for the classic formula of a one-camera set and live studio audience, and Late Night host and SNL alumnus Jimmy Fallon aggrees. That’s why he’s produced a new situation comedy for NBC called Guys With Kids, about three NYC dads dealing with the trials and tribulations of parenthood.
I have watched three episodes so far, and I have to say, I’m impressed. The show is funny, well put together, and a great modern take on sitcoms. It is exactly what I would expect from the comedic genius that brought us The Barry Gibb Talk Show.
With that being said, the show has premiered to less-than-stellar ratings and reviews. This may have something to do with its timeslot. It’s on the less-than coveted Wednesday night slot. The lead-in show Animal Practice is…how do I put this lightly? It’s just awful. It’s not the best thing to attract viewers to the network or the show.
I hope NBC gives this show a chance because I think it truly deserves one, and to be honest I love Jimmy Fallon. But lets not forget the rest of this brilliant ensemble. It stars Anthony Anderson of Law and Order and Kangaroo Jack fame, Jamie-Lynn Sigler from The Sopranos, Jesse Bradford (the a-dork-able brother from Bring it On), Tempestt Bledsoe from the quintessential sitcom The Cosby Show (Vanessa Huxtable is all grown up!), and not to mention a gaggle of adorable babies. How can you not love such a great cast?
My hope is that NBC lets Kids stick around for at least one more season and is moved to the “Must See TV” Thursday time slot it deserves, once both 30 Rock and The Office are off the air.
So readers, I encourage you to watch/DVR/On Demand Guys With Kids and help give it the recognition it deserves. You will not regret it. We need it, if not for the sake of classic television, then for Jimmy Fallon.
Guys with Kids is on at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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