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Dressing for the In-Between

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Spring has sprung and that means some in-between weather is in the works. Walking to class when its 45 and leaving class when its 70 is a tricky task to dress for but with these steps you can rock any outfit all day long. 

One of the most important tasks for in-between weather is layering. This can be done many ways depending on what part of the body you don’t mind being cold in the am. Knowing it’s going to be warmer later I normally choose my legs to be exposed in shorts or a dress covering up my top portion in a sweater and a jacket or vest. This way as the day progresses or a classroom is hot, I can begin removing layers to adjust to the temperature while still looking put together.


This can also be done wearing a tee shirt under a fleece, and cropped leggings, it will keep you warm enough for the morning, but cool in the afternoon as you take pieces off. For layering, bringing a tote bag is essential to be able to store the extra layers as they come off so you don’t have to carry them around in the heat. 

Another way to combat the weird temperatures is to pick certain warm pieces. Drawing from my own outfit today, I paired a dress with a sweater and boots. The sweater and the boots kept my legs and arms warm and as the day went on I pulled off my sweater and I changed my shoes. You can also wear a light fleece, they’re good to protect against the chilly wind and light enough that if you can’t take it off, you won’t die of heat.

Vests are also so important to a wardrobe; they add that glimmer of warmth while not making you hot as the weather progresses. Another vitally important way to stay warm is through rain boots; nothing will make you colder than walking around in wet shoes and socks. Rain boots keep the water and wind off you, instantly keeping you warm and protected in the wet spring months. Picking a staple of warmth can allow you to feel cozy when you need to and embrace the warm when you have to. 

My personal way of dealing with the weird temperatures is to simply suck it up. That sounds bad, but the weather is normally only chilly until about 11 a.m., so if you can make the walk to class in your spring outfit, you’ll be cool the rest of the day and not have any extra pieces to carry around. I always pick fashion over form; a little cold in the morning is not about to deter me from looking spring-y in the afternoon and into the evening! 

Happy spring-time fashionistas! 

Freshman journalist at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, contributor for Her Campus, writer for Thread Magazine, writer for JFresh online, blogger, YouTuber, fashionista, photographer, and sorority sister to all Alpha Xi Delta's.