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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.
Dressing for a fest is as easy as you want it to be. Styles range from fratty to hipster to downright outrageous. Picking a fest style is simply based on your personal style.
The Hipster Lady In You: 
Girls wear high waisted, cut-off denim shorts for bottoms and pair them with a V-neck and a flannel tied around the waist. Adding a flower crown can pull the whole look together. Round it out with luxurious waves in your hair, aviators blocking out the haters, and moccasins on your feet. 
Preppy Girls:
These girls can be seen wearing oversized long sleeved tee shirts, typically with a pocket from some southern company combined with black leggings, Sperrys, Polo Ralph Lauren hats situated backwards, croakies holding Ray Ban Wayfarers, and designer cross body purses. 
Variations on this outfit can include a crop top covered by a denim button down, with black leggings, and low cut Keds. 
Average Josie: 
A widely accepted fest outfit is a neon tank top, repping either Ohio University or featuring a catchy drinking phrase, over a bandeau. This top is then paired with skinny jeans or black leggings, aviators, brightly colored backwards hats, and low cut sneakers. 
Photo Courtesy of Tessa Brediger
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Inner Athlete: 
Boys typically wear jerseys of their favorite teams, medium washed jeans, colorful Wayfarers, trucker hats flipped backwards, and either Timberlands or sneakers.  This look can be switched up with khaki shorts or jorts.
Inner Frat Star: 
Guys can be seen wearing long sleeved tees similar to the ladies, minus the pocket but maintaining the southern apparel company. They pair this with chubbies in a very bright color, black Wayfarers, and Sperrys. Additions on this outfit can be khaki shorts with a bright colored tee and sneakers, or a tank top showcasing their alcohol of choice. 
Male Hipster: 
This fester typically rocks printed shorts cut off above the knee, loose fitting V-necks, a flannel to bring it all together, round sunglasses, and toms. This look can be simplified with a male tank top, converse and wayfarers.
Photo Courtesy of Tessa Brediger
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For the Adventurous Type: 
People can wear full body costumes such as SpongeBob and Gumby from High Fest. Some also paint words on their faces, wear neon colors, and add on assorted hats, tutus, and American flag patterned apparel. 
OU Fest fashion can be simplified to Wayfarer sunglasses, black leggings and Ohio University tank tops for men and women. No matter the look you’re destined for a good time. 
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