Dealing with Rejection

    One of the most hurtful and frustrating things to deal with is wanting something so badly and trying to work towards its progress, but eventually being turned down from reaping any possible benefits of success. A.K.A. rejection. We all face it. We all become discouraged, and we all just want to get a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s to drown out the sadness (I know I’m not alone). But when it happens more than once, then it can be difficult to try and think positively. Being someone who’s had a difficult time facing rejection, I thought I’d share a few tips to help make this process a little easier.

  1. Realize it’s going to happen again- Rejection is just as unavoidable as having to go to the gynecologist for that awkward meeting. You hate going, but you know you must to move on. Anything from dating to job applications involves putting yourself in a vulnerable position which is nerve-racking for many people, but once you realize that everyone goes through it (and will continue to go through it) because of varying viewpoints, you’ll be a lot happier, trust me.

  2. Focus on the positive in your life- This can be hard to do when it appears as though your world is disintegrating right before your very own eyes, but after you realize that you’re being a complete drama queen, then you can start to move on and remember the many positives in your life. For example, your alive to read to this article! (May sound corny, but it’s true). Look at everything positive going on in your life and dwell on what you have rather than what you don’t. You’ll thank me later.

  3. Talk to a friend- Probably one of the most common forms of dealing with any problem, talking to someone can help you feel a lot less conflicted and more secure in yourself. Hearing someone else’s opinions and encouragement for you can do a lot to help your state of mind. Besides, what’s the point of having a friend if you can’t truly talk to them?

  4. Work on improving your skills- One of the best things about being rejected is that enables you to review your skills closely. Spend time revising your skills and how you can enhance them. If you were denied a job, maybe spend time going over your resume and incorporating new tactics to sell yourself in future interviews. Take it as a learning curve rather than a dead end.

  5. Accept that you’re about to be great- The thing is, rejection is so common that about all your favorite celebrities and influencers have, at one point or another, faced it as well. Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theatre three times, forcing him to attend another school where he eventually decided to drop out. Fast forward to the year 2017, Spielberg is now one of the most prominent Hollywood directors.

  6. NEVER GIVE UP- When you feel so passionate about something, more than likely it’s because it is your calling. Don’t let people discourage or intimidate you because the matter of the fact is that thousands of other people are competing against you to achieve your dream, but it’s the person with the most stamina and determination who wins the prize.


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