To Cook or Go Out?

A few weeks ago, I ordered a sandwich from Mistretta's. The description of the sandwich was much better than the food itself, and I was both surprised and disappointed. The next day, while craving what that sandwich was supposed to be, I realized that I could make it on my own. Since this not-so-extraordinary light-bulb moment, I’ve become sandwich-crazed.

Every day I come home for lunch and I find myself sorting through the fridge, turning random ingredients into delicious amalgamations that satisfy my hunger and my caloric intake for the rest of the day (But who doesn’t need a few more pounds of warmth in the colder months? AmIright?). None of these sandwiches have been ground breaking; I’m sure that a quick recipe search could lead to an organized list of ingredients and instructions for any of “my” creations.

But I didn't look to google or The Joy of Cooking; I only searched my brain so I'm pretty proud of my Smoked Turkey and Two-Cheese Grilled Sub and in my Pepperoni-Mozzarella and Garlic Pizza Flatbread (I have yet to form creative names, you see). But of all my delicious sandwiches that keep me warm when the weather is not, my favorite is my Makeshift-Chicken “Parm” Panini, a sandwich so delicious, I could happily eat it every day. So, dear friends, I would like to share this crispy taste of happiness with you, for what is food about if not sharing joy?

Before I begin the description, I’d like to acknowledge that I do not follow the standard terms for recipes, so the measurements are at your discretion. Because of this problem, I’ll just list the ingredients here: bread, breaded chicken, parmesan or mozzarella cheese, sauce, garlic powder and avocado.

Let’s start at the base: I find it is best to use good bread. I recommend garlic herb bread, which can be found at most grocery stores. My roommate and I go to Walmart and hit up the day old bakery section, which sounds disgusting but leads to delicious bread for $1.50. Total score.

Anyway, for the easiest track, take pre-cooked breaded chicken and cut it diagonally into half inch thick slices. Conservatively pour olive oil onto a skillet and sauté the chicken until it is golden brown.

While the chicken is being prepared, take two slices of bread and lightly brush olive oil on one side of each piece. Put the oiled side down on the skillet, and turn the burner to a low setting.

Now, let’s talk cheese: Despite Parmesan’s role in my title, I typically use mozzarella cheese because of its permanent spot in my fridge. However, either kind will be tasty. As the bread is toasting, take a nice amount of cheese and cover each slice.

Your chicken should be ready, so place the strips on one slice of bread and cover it in sauce. Add garlic powder on top and then put the pieces together and continue to grill the sandwich until it is well toasted. In the meantime, cut a ripe avocado into thin slices. Once you plop the sandwich on your plate, pry open the melted cheese and add on your avocado slices.

Now, put on a bib and gorge away.

*It should be noted that the sandwich above is not, in fact, my creation. My actual sandwich was eaten too quickly to document, but this one looks delicious as well.