Cheapest/Best Destinations for Spring Break

Trying to find somewhere to go for Spring Break can be hard. I know it is especially difficult when not everyone agrees on where to go. You first need to figure out what kind of environment you want. This could be the mountains, beach, snow; once you figure that out, you will have a much better idea of where you want to go. Here are ten of the cheapest destinations for Spring Break.  

1. If you are looking to go to a beach to get trashed with your friends, Myrtle Beach is ranked #1 in cheapest SB destination!

2. Punta Cana - how fun?

3. Cancun - who doesn’t want to go to Mexico?

4. New Orleans has become a popular spot in the last few years!

5. Did someone say snow? How about snowy mountains? Take a trip to Park City, Utah to a ski resort!

6. Durango, Colorado is another popular place to visit and go skiing!

7. What about biking Yellowstone National Park? Have you thought about that?

8. Go explore Slot Canyons in Capitol Reef National Park!

9. How about going hiking in Glacier National Park? Sounds amazing.

10. Victoria and Vancouver Island - plenty of hiking options here!

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