Behind the Lens of Andrea Harris

Name: Andrea Harris
Graduation Year: 2011
Hometown: Marietta, Ohio

How did you get Started With Connection Photography?

Joseph started Connection Photography in 2008 and then the business started to grow very rapidly. I love taking pictures too so I started to help and it just worked out perfectly. I think we compliment each other in our picture taking: he loves the scenery and focuses on the theme of the pictures while I am very good at the details and working with people. 

 Where is your favorite spot in Athens to shoot  pictures? My favorite place to take pictures in Athens would  have to be Bong Hill! It's so beautiful and you can see the whole  town.

 What do you take pictures of? We take pictures of  just about anything, from weddings to senior pictures and we've even started  taking boudoir pictures. Our  favorite pictures to take are engagement photos because we can be really creative with them and we enjoy capturing the love each couple has for each other. We also love candid pictures because it helps us capture real moments instead of the posed ones people  are used too. We just want to continue to take great pictures that show feeling and  emotion and  for people to look back on their pictures and feel as  though they are back in those moments. 

Will we see you around campus taking pictures in the
We are always taking pictures and we will definitely be
taking them in the spring!

To learn more about Connection Photography, look for its Facebook Page or check out its website.