Backdrop Editor-In-Chief: Becca Zook

Name: Rebecca Zook
Major: Journalism - with about every minor possible.
Hometown: Doylestown, Ohio
When did you join Backdrop magazine?
I joined Backdrop my freshman year here. It was actually one of the first organizations I became a part of.
What are your duties as editor-in-chief?
Oh geez, I don't know where to start. As EIC I have a lot of different jobs. I'm the final set of eyes on every print issue and I work closely with our publisher, Adam McConville, with the business side of the magazine. This includes funding applications, campus involvement activities, printing services, etc. I oversee all aspects of the magazine, luckily I have a great executive staff that can handle practically anything thrown at them. They do an incredible job, which gives me more time to focus on the print publication and ways to expand the magazine. 
What are some of the skills you have developed from playing such a major role at this magazine?
I've  become incredibly strict about grammar actually. Since I'm one of the last editors to go through the print magazine, I have to be very careful not to miss any mistakes.  I'm 90 percent sure everyone around me hates how much of a grammar fanatic I've become though. I always correct grammar mistakes in TV shows and such now. It's becoming a problem.
What will you miss the most about Backdrop when you graduate?
You just had to mention graduation, didn't you... If you're forcing me to accept the fact that I will eventually graduate and leave this incredible place, I'd have to say that I'll miss the people the most. I've been a part of this organization for almost four years now and I couldn't ask for a better staff. I know everyone says this, but I've made a lot of great friends in this organization. We have a lot of fun whether we're working on the magazine or just hanging out.
What will you miss the most about Ohio University when you graduate?
I assume I can't say the people again, so I'll tell you what I'll miss the second most - all the opportunities. From an amazing faculty and staff to great student organizations, Ohio University gives students plenty of opportunities. In my time here, I've had the chance to work for a professional level magazine, a PR firm (ImPRessions), a summer baseball team (the Southern Ohio Copperheads) as well as travel to multiple foreign countries to create documentaries. This university opens so many doors for its students and I'm really going to miss having the opportunity to try something completely new. 
Thanks for chatting with us, HCxo!