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The Bachelor returned for its second episode of season 27 with group dates and one solo date. The first date card of this season revealed a group date with Brianna, Brooklyn, Katherine, Mercedes, Bailey, Cat, Davia, Genevie and Kylee. The message from Zach said, “I’m looking for a big, big love.” The girls were then taken to a club where singer, Latto, known for the hit, “Big Energy,” made her entrance. Zach’s message makes sense now, right? Zach made an entrance of his own, and an awkward dance circle of uncomfortable grinding ensued.

After the dance circle that could only be described as “cringey” ended, Latto makes an announcement that more women will be joining the date. Then, out comes Bachelor Nation alums Victoria Fuller (The Bachelor Season 24 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 8), Tahzjuan Hawkins (The Bachelor Season 23 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 and 7) and Courtney Robertson (The Bachelor Season 16). The three returned to judge the girls on who had the best “catwalk.”

After what was, once again, very awkward attempts to win the catwalk competition with anything from an almost strangling incident with a ribbon wand to Cat dressed as a cat, the girls are asked to share a time where they stood their ground and brought some real “big energy.” You getting why Latto is just randomly there a little more now? After the girls share their stories, the three Bachelor alum and Latto say something mildly inspirational to the girls and proceed to not pick a winner of the competition. Wasn’t that their only reason for being there? This leaves viewers saying, “What a random date.” We do see during an interview with Tahz, that she would be willing to join Zach’s season. Based on her history on three other seasons, that’s probably not the best idea for her or the other contestants. We say it’s time Tahz retire from her Bachelor career.

After leaving the club, Zach and the women have the opportunity for one-on-ones. In the midst of a conversation, Tahz shows up. Cue facepalm. When viewers think it can’t get any worse after Tahz’s desperate attempt at working her way onto the season, she is incredibly judgmental of the other women and shares her opinions very freely. Luckily, Zach tells Tahz that allowing her to join this season wouldn’t be fair to the other women, and with that, Tahz leaves with a trail of tears and snide comments behind her. Following her departure, Zach gives out the group date rose to Katherine. Their one-on-one was very electric and therefore, not a surprise that she received the rose.

Back at the mansion, the second date card arrives. “Christina, let’s let our love soar.” Ah yes, the Bachelor helicopter date. The next morning, Zach arrives to pick Christina up. Both are clearly excited for the date, but Christina worries how Zach will respond when she tells him about her five-year-old daughter, Blakely May. It must be a day for family topics because Zach brings Christina to meet his family at his mom’s birthday party. It’s episode two and the first one-on-one date, Zach. Come on! Despite that it was very soon and a complete shock to Christina, it went surprisingly well. Christina experienced all of the typical things when meeting a partner’s family: baby pictures and embarrassing stories. Later that evening, the two go for dinner. Christina tells Zach about her daughter, and it’s clear that he is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to respond. He is very precise with how he responds to the women. We saw that with Madison’s drama. He ends up offering Christina the rose, but says he needs time to process.

For the second group date, it wasn’t catwalks or helicopter rides, but rather simple conversations resembling a cocktail party. At the date, we see some jealousy begin between the women. Brooklyn complains about some of the women’s oversharing when it comes to kissing Zach. For Gabi, one of the women who hadn’t actually had a chance to speak with Zach, all that was on her mind was why Zach hadn’t kissed her yet. Considering that during her time with Zach on the date she gave him awkward nicknames, we aren’t surprised. When the date ended, Zach chose Jess to receive the last rose before the ceremony.

Back at the mansion, the cocktail party begins and with it, drama. Gabi finally gets her kiss after “Lady and the Tramp” style sharing, Zach’s favorite, peanut butter cups. Zach even said that he gets giddy around Gabi. How…considering they have talked twice? But besides that point, it was cute. Things were also very tense after the other women found out that Zach took Christina to meet his parents. So it isn’t surprising that Brianna (America’s First Impression Rose winner who freaked that Zach didn’t really like her, and she was only there thanks to that rose) would come out of the blue starting drama. If you can recall, during the first episode, Christina made a joking, “I hate you,” comment after raving about Brianna’s dress. So now, after Zach and Christina’s relationships seems to be progressing, Brianna all of a sudden is bothered by the comment. Naturally, Brianna pulls Christina to talk. Christina admits that she doesn’t remember the comment, but genuinely apologizes. Brianna tells Christina that she will have to work hard to gain Brianna’s trust back, and the two part. Still looking to cause issues, Brianna finds Zach to tell him about her and Christina’s problems. Luckily, Zach shrugs her off when she tries to convince him to ask who is making her uncomfortable, but he responds that she doesn’t have to. Go Zach!

After a long couple of days, the rose ceremony finally arrives. After receiving roses on their dates, Christina, Jess and Katherine were safe. Here’s your spoiler warning! These women (in Zach’s choosing order) received roses: Brooklyn, Genevie, Greer, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Ariel, Anastasia, Kylee, Davia, Mercedes, Bailey and Brianna. These three women did not receive a rose and were sent home: Cat, Victoria J. and Kimberly.

So here’s what we can look forward to on next week’s episode from the sneak peak: skydiving, a football game, the zoo, potentially Kaity and Zach spending the night together and Christina is making people feel intimated. One word: drama! And would we expect anything else?

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