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Cats and dogs and horses, oh my! The Athens County Humane Society (ACHS) and the Friends of Shelter Dogs organized a fabulous event on Saturday, September 21st. The Pet Palooza took place at the Athens Fairgrounds. They offered opportunities, such as pet adoption opportunities, speakers, kitten races and vendors. There was something for everyone at the event.

The kick-off to the Pet Palooza was a 5k run that many runners participated in. People were even able to bring along their dogs. Once the 5k run had ended, vendors had set up their stands, and the Pet Palooza opened for business.

The Pet Palooza was not only fun, but it was also educational. Athens, Ohio has many strays, so part of the goal of the Pet Palooza was to educate pet owners on how to properly take care of their pets. To accomplish this goal, speakers were brought in to talk about various topics such as dog grooming, animal communication, and even exotic pet care. The ACHS gave out information about spay and neuter clinics, which is part of their mission.

“We provide low-cost spay/neuter services, employ the county Humane Agent and strive to ensure the best possible treatment, care and placement of animals in need.” – ACHS Mission Statement


Along with the educational events, there were also many vendors handing out information about adoptions, selling dog and cat treats, and setting up fun activities for children to participate in. Some adoptable dogs were around to see, as well. There were also signs with scanable QR codes to learn more about the adoptable pets. The police even brought their horses for this event, which was a fun addition for all ages.

One of the fan-favorite events of the day was the kitten races. Six kittens were brought in, and their names were Marigold, Chippy, Bruce, Lily, Poppy, and Poppy. (Yes, there were two Poppy’s!) When the kittens weren’t racing and playing with each other, they were getting a lot of cuddles from attendees, and they loved all the love they received.

Anyone can get involved with the Athens County Humane Society or the Friends of Shelter Dogs. Both organizations have volunteer opportunities for anyone to join. They are also looking at more events to plan in the future. To get involved, go to these websites:

Friends of Shelter Dogs

Athens County Humane Society

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