Athens becomes part of Waka's Brick Squad

This article is written by Kellyanne Stitts.

This past weekend the Black Student Cultural Programming Board here at Ohio University put on the “banger” of the year, aka the Waka Flocka concert.

During Saturday, pre-concert, Waka was party hopping on Mill Street and played basketball with some of our students on the South Green basketball courts. Waka tweeted “I look at fans like real friends” and that couldn’t be more of a true statement.

The concert was held at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium at 8 p.m. Tickets were ranging from $15-$20 depending on if you wanted the balcony or the floor. And the floor was so worth it. The concert started with DJ BandCamp who got the crowd hyped by playing the latest, most popular rap and hip-hop songs. Everyone was instantly on ran to the front of the stage and started dancing like at a real concert as opposed to sitting in our assigned seats.

After the DJ, two local rap artists originally from Columbus performed. They featured their own rap songs, which were actually very good compared to some of the “wanna be” rappers coming out of my high school.

Then the headliner for Waka came on and the crowd was wild. The rapper was Shy Glizzy who is most known for his new song “Awwsome” featuring 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky (two other high profile rappers). Shy performed his most popular hits and even leaked a new song that’s coming out soon.

Finally it was the time everyone was waiting for, Waka finally came out and the crowd was electrifying, everyone was going crazy and rapping to his songs. He also performed his popular tracks like “Hard In Da Paint” and “No Hands.”  He even brought out bottles that looked like champagne (probably was) and started spraying the audience. He actually paid attention to his audience members and interacted with them, it was so awesome.

Then came the highlight of my epic night, Waka wanted girls on stage to dance with so he and his body-guard started pulling girls on stage, including me. I got to dance on stage with Waka Flocka Flame….it was crazy. Eventually people started rushing the stage until there was about 30 other people on stage and basically became a mosh pit so Waka went onto the DJ booth and continued to perform from there.

After the concert Waka made another appearance on Mill Street to party with us Bobcats one more time. After he left Athens he tweeted, “Can’t lie Athens get really f****** wild #SquadStamp.”

Meaning, we showed him a really awesome time.