ARD of Tanaka-Luchs: Mason Belles

Mason Belles is the Assistant Resident Director for the Tanaka-Luchs complex. Belles is also a junior Spanish major here at Ohio University.

Belles knew he wanted to be an ARD the moment he learned about the position. While some people may want leadership roles for power and control, Belles wanted this particular leadership position so that he could be helpful to a greater number of people than he would be as a resident assistant, who is confined to only a floor section in a residence hall.

“I also felt that I am a very experienced member of Housing and I’ve worked with a variety of people, so I felt that I would be effective at this position,” Belles said. His experiences help him go above and beyond in not only fulfilling his duties, but making residents comfortable during their time in the dorms.

While many students are familiar with RAs, as we have contact with them when we are freshmen and sophomores, the ARDs aren’t always well-known. But Belles’s warm and welcoming personality makes him more approachable. Dorm-dwellers in the Tanaka-Luchs complex often wave or shout hellos to Belles when he walks through the hallways.

The job includes facilitating the room change process, as well as helping RAs with their duties. Belles takes pride in his position as a safety net.

“We are essentially here to maintain order and ensure that all residents feel safe and welcome,” Belles said.

When he isn’t filling out room change forms or making rounds through the Tanaka-Luchs hallways, Belles can be found (soccer) balling it up at Ping or chilling with friends all over campus. He loves grabbing coffee uptown, and can hardly deny an invite to Bagel Street Deli, his favorite restaurant.

You can follow Belles’s political rantings and “Stuff Drake Does” quotes on Twitter @MasonBelles.