9 Ways To Boost Creativity

With projects looming in the future as the end of the semester approaches, it can be hard to be creative and think out of the box. Professors will want to see knew ideas and approaches to the same projects they repeat each semester. By the end of the semester, it can be hard to have new ideas with the stress of finals in the future. Here are nine tips to boost creativity this semester:  

1. Sleep on it

You never know what you will see in a dream. Sleeping also allows you to refresh and reset your mind so that in the morning a new idea can come to you.

2. Take a shower

Some of the best ideas can come in the shower. Taking a shower can relieve some stress and reset you to be ready for creativity.

3. Think about personal experiences

Thinking about the past couple of weeks or your past can help bring up ideas for a class project.

4. Collaborate with classmates

Talk to others with the same project to bounce ideas off of each other. Hearing other’s ideas will help spark creativity for a new idea.

5. Take a walk

Walk and observe your surroundings on campus to help ideas flow. Getting outside of the dorm and library will also help by being in a new environment.

6. Listen to music

According to “The Mozart Effect,” listening to Mozart can increase creativity and concentration. While this may not work for everyone, listening to your favorite music can help spark creativity.

7. Exercise 

Being physically active will allow for your mind to be free and open to new ideas and creativity.

8. Meditate or take a yoga class

Along with relieving stress and anxiety, certain yoga poses have been thought to create an open mind ready for creativity.

9. Get outside opinion 

Talk to friends who can help bring up new ideas that you may have never thought of. Friends often help think of ideas stemming off of yours making them even better.

Using these tips, being creative on that next project will hopefully be easy and successful.