9 Types of Sibs Who Came for Sibs Weekend

This weekend, many of our siblings came into Athens for a weekend filled with festivities. While your parents stayed home, it’s likely that you and your brothers and sisters had a really fun time doing whatever you chose to do.

On that note, as the streets of Athens were filled up with unfamiliar faces, there were a few types of sibs we’ll continue to see year after year. 

1. The “new” Bobcat.

This soon-to-graduate-from-high-school superstar totally didn’t come to see their older sib; they only came to have yet another taste of their stomping grounds before Fall 2016 comes around the corner. What’s even more annoying is that they acted like they already have everything that revolves around their college life fully-figured out, like, the whole time. #STFU.


2. The high schooler.

Even though this cool kid had yet to apply for college or even get a driver’s license, they still managed to drink and tell all their high school friends how cool they are for doing so. After this weekend, this kid went home to rave about how excited they are to apply for college at OU. In fact, they probably drove back home thinking about what their life will be like once they can finally come to school here.


3.  The alumnae.

This one probably texted their sib every minute, telling them exactly who they were excited to see and what bars they had to go to. They totally posted a T-minus [insert number of days] hashtag on one of their Instagram photos before coming and the second they got to drive to town was the moment they were calling their sib squealing how excited they were to ride into Athens. As soon as they arrived, nothing about their old Athens-self changed.


4. The success story.

As soon as this one arrived, the first thing they talked about is their work life. This one has had a really good career ever since graduating and it’s only going to get better. At this point in their life, they feel as if it is okay to mention a million times to their younger sib just how lucky they’ll be once they can actually get a “nice” apartment of their own. But, at the same time, they mentioned on repeat just how hard it is to deal with so many bills while dealing with all the drama at work. All their siblings’ friends thought that this one is as much #goals as they are #intimidation.


5. The one who totally screwed up.

This sib had no limits for this weekend. As soon as they got to your house (apartment, dorm or whatever) they were completely ready for their first sip, then they went crazy at someone else’s house and the bars were almost completely out of the picture. Um, yeah let’s just say that whatever happened to this one will be an amazing topic of conversation for the next couple of years to come … What happens in Athens … well, should probably just stay in Athens!


6. The one who was burned out.

Hopefully their sib had a couch ready for this one, because this one only wanted to do one thing and one thing only. Next to a super chill place to do everything, their sib probably invested in a good supply of the best snacks around. This brother or sister of theirs got into town and pretty much stayed in the same spot the whole time! Maybe it would’ve been a good idea to have hung up some posters before they arrived?


7. The one who wouldn’t go out.

This one probably thought that the bars were a bad place and probably looked forward to doing all the sober activities the university had planned. This one probably got a really accurate taste of how their older sib actually acts when at school, but at the same time their sibling was completely annoyed that they couldn’t make it out this weekend. Seriously, why are they so against going out?


8. The one everyone wanted to adopt.

This one isn’t thinking of the university, yet ... Or this one never came here in the first place. Either way, there is something about this sibling that charms everyone so much that everyone they met followed them on Instagram after one night, or as soon as they got home they already had a whole new network of friends. This one was easy to hang with, and will continue to make a great impression wherever they go in life. Need we say more about this one?


9. The hotty.

As soon as this one arrived, friends of their OU sib only hung out with her so they could spend time with her sib. Everyone wondered if s/he is single! Everyone wanted to know how s/he stays in shape! And everyone started stalking them on Facebook as soon as s/he left. While s/he may not be everyone’s type, s/he definitely got hit on this weekend.


All GIFs courtesy of giphy.com