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9 Things Kids Do That You Wish You Could Do

Do you remember how amazing it felt to be 3-years-old? Sure, that sounds silly, but seriously think about it. Now that you’re a grown up, you can’t really cry because someone wasn’t being nice. Don’t you wish you could go back to the simpler time of your formative years?

1. No Filter

You can say whatever you want! That guy smells bad? Tell him. You’re 3. It’s cute.

2. Naps all the time

Not only can you, but it’s encouraged!

3. Naps wherever you want

Feel so tired you could just sleep on the floor? Do it. Baby You would’ve.

4. No one expected you to pay

For anything. Ever.

5. You can cry whenever you want

On those days when the world’s unfair, you can just break down in tears in front of everyone without anyone looking at you funny. In fact, those were the times you wanted Mommy to hug you – when she could fix it. Not when you were 17 and just got dumped, because Mommy didn’t fix the dump. (Thanks anyway, Mom.)

6. No matter what you do, you’re cute

Seriously, so cute.

7. Other people’s stuff = your stuff

You know that baby did not buy that beer. And NO ONE EXPECTED MONEY BACK.

8. No Chill needed

Be excited! Be bored! Do you, tiny child.


Need I say more?

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