7 Types of People Who Contacted You Over Break

Winter break was a time to relax after a long semester, visit with family and see old friends. While there were definite people you wanted to see while home, there is a long list of people you wanted to avoid at all costs. Here is a list of 7 types of people who contacted you while home from school:

1. The ex He seems so sweet, texting how much he misses you and wants to hang out. DON'T. It is a trap. He is lonely because he is at home, but history repeats itself and you know exactly how it will end.

2. The guy you never actually dated While you never dated, there may have been some feelings or amazing memories in the past. Similar to your ex, he is just looking for some holiday fun while home from break and never wants something serious just like he never wanted a relationship before. 

3. The guy from high school who admired you  Chances are, everyone had a secret admirer, even if you don’t believe it. They will let you know how much they liked you in high school and that they finally gained the courage to talk to you and want to try and make something work. Unfortunately, they had their chance in high school.

4. The friend you did not keep in touch with That best friend from high school that you never stayed in touch with while at school just asked to hang out. This is the perfect time to rekindle an almost lost friendship and look back on some old memories.

5. The friend you did keep in touch with They know everything about you and all the crazy things you did the past semester. You already talk almost everyday and getting together over break allows you to compare more stories and talk about spending future breaks from school with each other.

6. The distant relative We all have at least relative who you never really see, but are always forced to talk to them on the phone. They want to know everything about school, friends and relationships or lack thereof.

7. The friends from university Lastly, the people you miss most while at home are the friends you have made while at school. You text, Snapchat and FaceTime almost everyday and look forward to spending time together, going out and all the adventures that the new semester holds.

While being home on break creates some awkward encounters from the least expected people, it is a time to reflect on the people from your past (who you might never want to talk to again) and to get ready for a new semester with amazing people.

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)