7 Things Worse Than Actual Finals During Finals Week

Finals week is stressful for every college student. Every professor thinks their class is the only class you’re enrolled in, and you are trying to figure out how to memorize a semester worth of information for a class you only attended a handful of times… two of which were during syllabus week. 

As if exams and 10 page papers aren’t enough, here’s seven other problems you’re likely to face during the last week of the semester that are even worse than school work. 

The Library Finals week is the worst week to go to the library. There’s absolutely no place to sit because everyone who hasn’t been there all semester decides that’s where they’re going to study. It’s boiling hot because the university has turned heat on because it’s mid-December, even though it’s still 50 degrees outside. All your friends are trying to study there too, making it hard to focus. Overall, it’s awful. 

Breakouts The stress leads to breakouts, and breakouts lead to more stress. Pulling all-nighters and possibly going days without showering because camping out at the library seems logical doesn’t help either. And we all thought pimples disappear by the time you’re 20… WRONG.

Laundry… (or lack of laundry) You can totally make it 3 more days with only 1 pair of socks… or at least you think that when you have exams and you’re going home soon. No one wants to do laundry when your mom will offer to do it the day you come because she misses you so much. 

Cleaning Whether you live in the dorms or off-campus, your living space has to be thoroughly cleaned before left unattended for the next month. This includes vacuuming, taking out the trash, cleaning out the fridge and more. It’s torture, but it has to be done… you know, on top of everything else you have going on. 

Packing  “Will I need this random pair of boots over break? What about these four sweaters that I haven’t worn all semester? Maybe, so I’ll just pack everything.” Every girl thinks this as she’s trying to pack to go home for a month. It’s basically low-key like moving out. It’s annoying, time-consuming and just plain stressful. 


No Money… No Food...  Ramen for dinner again? Sounds good. Face it, funds are low. Summer money is basically gone, and any little money left is to go to the bars after your last exam. Either way, having no money and no food sucks, but at home you know you’ll be eating good. 

Seeing Other Friends at the Bars By Wednesday of finals week, almost everyone seems to be done with exams. If you are the friend with an 8 am exam on Friday, you will undoubtedly be the friend sitting alone studying for your last exam while everyone else is dancing on bar stools, and Snapchat doesn’t let you forget it. This is probably the most painful because part of you thinks, “I won’t see these people for a month, but I can always retake this class…”