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6 Struggles of Being the Organized Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

1. You are always waiting on someone else.

Whether it’s waiting on a friend to meet you at Chipotle or being ready to go out an hour before your friends, you are constantly sitting around because of someone else. Being organized means your time management skills are prime, and others, well, not so much. You know your friends wanted to be out by 10 p.m. and the pregame was at 9 p.m., so why not be ready by 8:45 p.m.? That’s the smart thing to do, so you think, but your BFF’s hair is still not done at 10:15 p.m. Ugh.

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2. Indecisiveness drives you crazy.

Organized people make quicker decisions because they know time limits and deadlines. Questioning every step in life wastes time and energy, and the organized person wants to cut to the chase (and the good stuff!). You hit send on that email, pick the movie, and decide to wear without others’ opinions. You are a decisive bad ass.


3. When people tell you they don’t have time for something, you know it isn’t true.

One of the truest things you have heard is, “If someone says they don’t have time for you, they don’t want to make time for you.” You balance two jobs, a full course load, four clubs, and a social life and still have time to grab coffee with your cute neighbor and volunteer at the pet shelter. You are a rock star and the least someone could do is make a plan with you and stick to it.


4. You’re constantly getting asked the dates and times of events.

Your planner is filled out down to the hour including gym time, showers, and Netflix binges. You know when the super cool concert is coming to campus and when your organization is holding a philanthropy event. Your alarm is set for the same time every morning and constant iPhone buzzes are reminders for your day. Your friends ask you over and over again what time events are because they aren’t as planner savvy as you. Feeling needed is great, but answering the same questions gets tiring.

5. You don’t leave notifications on your phone.

Those red numbers in the corner of your apps? No thank you! A part of being organized means staying on top of what’s going on. You reply to texts immediately, check emails when they’re pushed through, and revoke your right swipe on the guy who won’t stop messaging you. No notifications means a clean home screen and a clear mind.


6. You don’t know what to do in your free time.

Wait, what is free time? Although you have every step of your day planned out, your free time is valuable and rare. Do you stay in for a cuddle session and Grey’s Anatomy? Or do you hit a night on the town? Get a second job or pick up a hobby? The choices are endless, but something will soon make its way onto your busy plate.


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