5 Unique Halloween Costumes to Try Out This Year

Finding a Halloween costume can be stressful. It's hard to find the perfect mixture between cute and scary or funny but sexy. The hardest part though is finding a Halloween costume that no one else has, so here are 5 unique Halloween costumes to try out this year.

  1. 1. Crazy Steve from "ICarly" 

    One of my friends recommended this costume to me and I thought it was hilarious. If you don't remember Crazy Steve from “ICarly”, let me refresh your memory. He works at the movie theater with Josh and was the one running around screaming "You ate my enchilada!" for a whole episode. 

    This costume is creative and funny. It's super easy to recreate. All you need is black pants, a red vest, and a blue collared shirt. To make the costume official you just need to add the movie theater logo, which is a simple blue and yellow capital P. To make the costume extra great you can add in some Crazy Steve props, like a bat. 

  2. 2. Naked Sim

    This costume is simple and fun. It's also easy to make and super affordable. All you need is cardboard that is about the size of your body (collar bone to mid-thigh). Start by drawing smaller boxes on the cardboard and then color them in using paint to create the effect that your body is blurred out. You can watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make the green headband to help create the costume. 

    You can make your costume super cute by doing full hair and makeup to add a glam effect or make the costume funny by adding a loofa and a shower cap to make it look like you were in the shower. Underneath your costume, you can wear shorts and a tank top or if it’s super cold wear sheer or skin-colored clothing to create the "naked" effect. 

  3. 3. A Shadow

    This costume is unique and super creepy. All you need is a black mesh suit and black clothing to wear over it. You'll be guaranteed to sneak up and scare people all throughout the night. 

  4. 4. It's Raining Men

    This costume is great if it rains on Halloween and creating it is so easy. All you need is a raincoat, boots, and an umbrella. Print out pictures of your favorite celebrity guys and attach them to the umbrella using string and tape or glue. If it does rain on Halloween and you don't want to use a huge umbrella you can find small toy ones online.

  5. 5. Old Married Couple

    If you and your significant other are looking for an easy last-minute costume, just be an old married couple. It's super easy just wear your pajamas and a robe. You can add fun accessories like glasses, curlers in your hair and coffee mugs. This costume is comfortable and fun.

Hopefully, these 5 ideas help you find your perfect Halloween costume this year!