5 Tips To Help Your Coffee Mug Addiction

We all have them, use them, gift them, and love them, but what is the big deal with coffee mugs? You know you have probably one too many mugs in your dorm or apartment right now, but every time you step foot into a store you find yourself looking at the adorable mugs. If collecting coffee mugs is my only vice in life, then it’s okay, right? Maybe not. That overflowing cabinet and shelf of mugs just promote you pushing off doing dishes, or you’re likely using the same favorite mug every time with the others going untouched unless absolutely necessary. Even the easiest gift is to find a cute mug with a person’s interest on it with an accompanying coffee, tea, or hot chocolate set. If you’re trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, or just simply have too many mugs, here are 5 tips to help with your coffee mug addiction:

  1. 1. Donate

    Take the mugs that you’ve loved for years but rarely use and donate them so someone else can spend years loving them. The mugs that are at the back of the shelf, never used, or don’t have any sentimental value, are perfect candidates for donation.

  2. 2. Specify your gift lists

    Mugs are some of the easiest gifts to give, meaning you’re likely going to get a few each holiday season. If friends or family ask for a gift list, specify that you don’t want/need any mugs.

  3. 3. Limit yourself in stores

    It can be so easy to get carried away when you’re shopping and see a cute mug. Make sure that before even going into a store you remind yourself that you aren’t going to buy any more mugs.

  4. 4. Create a mug budget

    If you know you’re going to buy mugs even though you know you shouldn’t create a mug budget for yourself. Whether you have a dollar amount limit for how much you’re willing to spend on a mug, or a budget of how much money you can spend on mugs for the year, make sure you stick to it!

  5. 5. Think before buying

    Before buying a mug, think of your filled shelf that has no more room. Think of your favorite mug that you use every day even though you have other options. Think if this is for a sentimental reason such as a souvenir, or if you’re just buying a mug because you want a mug.