5 Things I Forgot That Happened While Watching The Bachelor

I used to be a pretty big fan of “The Bachelor.”  When I was younger, my mom and I would stand in our kitchen, munch on popcorn and watch the craziest reality TV show the world had ever seen to date (no pun intended). I decided to stop watching it after I realized I couldn’t keep any of the names of the girls straight.

However, about 20 minutes into my second semester of college, my roommate popped the question.  “Will you watch “The Bachelor” with me?”  Suddenly, there I was: sitting in the common room of my dorm, watching as the drama unfolded.

I knew there would be drama, but I didn’t think it would be so early in the season.  As the show progressed, I began to relearn everything I had forgotten about how “The Bachelor” works.

Here are five things I forgot about that continue to happen on “The Bachelor”:

1. Alcohol is constantly involved

From the time that the ladies step out of the first limo to the group dates, to just hanging out by the pool, chances are someone is holding a drink.


2. All of the girls look like models (sometimes, literally)

Enough said.


3. “Can I steal you for a second?”

When I was a younger version of myself, I could never figure out why this line was a thing.  Everyone will get time with the bachelor, right?  Now that I’m older, I realize that this is because of one thing: ratings.  This question is the easiest way to create drama.


4. Less is more (in terms of clothing, that is)

In other categories such as, let’s just say, pushiness…not so much.


5. Every date is a different vacation

Although it is a reality TV show, there is nothing real about “The Bachelor.”  There is absolutely no way to truly get to know a person when you’re living in a dream world!

Basically, I had forgotten that “The Bachelor” is a reality TV show and, although I still can’t keep all of the names of the girls straight, I’m still going to try.  Happy watching!

(All gifs courtesy of giphy.com)