5 DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one day in the year where you can be whatever, or whoever you want to be. But, sometimes the costume you want may not exist, or possibly is too expensive. That is why you should DIY your Halloween costume! I have supplied you with 5 DIY Halloween costumes I have used in the past!

  1. 1. Snow White

    Have you dreamt about being a Disney Princess? If you answered yes, here is a perfect DIY costume for you! Pair a yellow shirt, with a red sweater and a blue skirt and TADAH, Snow White! Make the costume your own, if you do not have a blue skirt, you can use a jean skirt or just a pair of jeans if it’s cold outside. I personally used a red raincoat instead of a sweater because it was raining outside! This is a super easy costume to dress up or dress down based on your needs!

  2. 2. Victoria's Secret Angel 

    Personally, I have always wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel! I mean, who hasn’t? Okay, maybe a few people haven’t. It’s no secret that I’m not a size 0 and I am definitely not a model, but that didn't keep me from DIYing the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra and you can too! Go to Walmart, buy the cheapest bra you can find, some E6000 glue, a pack of rhinestones, tweezers, and get to glueing! I also recommend buying a robe to wear over your bedazzled costume! This costume is an easy way to feel sassy and sexy! 

  3. 3. Boo from "Monsters INC" 

    Not only is Boo one of the cutest characters to ever exist, but she is also one of the easiest characters to replicate. All you need to find to be Boo is a pink shirt or dress and some purple leggings. Also, don't forget to put your hair in pigtails, this is a must!

  4. 4. Marilyn Monroe 

    Marilyn Monroe is both classic and classy. DIY a Marilyn Monroe costume by finding a white dress and maybe a blonde wig! For makeup do a classic red lip and give yourself the famous Marilyn beauty mark! Nice and simple. 

  5. 5. A Kardashian

    Grab jewels, latex, faux fur, and slick back your hair to be a Kardashian. Find a Kardashian picture for inspo and create your own Kardashian look this Halloween! It was easiest for me to recreate one of Kim’s looks, but check out Khloe’s or Kylie’s Instas for inspiration too. Maybe try biker shorts? Anything that makes you feel comfortable and fierce.

There are so many fun easy ways to create whatever look you want this Halloween without breaking the bank! Good luck!