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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Coconut oil is a holy grail product. It is also likely that you stumbled upon this product while scrolling through your endless Pinterest feed, but disregarded it because is it really possible one oil could do so much? In short, yes, it is. As a college student myself, I have come to love any product that has more than one use. The more it can do, the less products I have to buy. If you feel the same way, then keep reading to find five beauty hacks that come from just one source, coconut oil.

1. Makeup Remover

The number one rule of putting makeup on, is remembering to take it off at night. What better way to do this then with an all-natural product? Dip a cotton pad into the oil and gently massage it over your face. The wonderful thing about this is that it actually takes off waterproof mascara, a feat to which not many makeup removers can attest.

2. Eyelash Growth

If there was a poll taken to show the one makeup product people couldn’t live without, mascara would most likely take the lead. Although it helps in the short-term giving you those sensational lashes you need, layering on product can be quite damaging. After you’ve taken off your makeup for the day, rub a small amount onto your lashes and go to sleep. Give it a few weeks, and your lashes will thank you by being more voluminous than usual.

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3. Lip Exfoliator

Are you tired of having dry, cracked lips this winter? Simply take a small amount of the oil, mix it with a bit of sugar, and you have an easy, all-natural and effective lip exfoliate. Scrub in a circular motion to give way to your irresistible lips.

4. Shine Serum

This is a particular favorite of mine, but in order to achieve the glossy hair you often see in Garnier commercials, all you need is a pea-sized amount of coconut oil to rub throughout the ends of your hair, keeping away from the roots. Remember: a little goes a long way, so make sure not to overdo it.

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5. Moisturizer

The one thing worse than dull hair? Dry hands. You can fix this problem by simply rubbing the oil over your hands or anywhere on your body that may be dry. You can also use it as a facial moisturizer because of how light it is on the skin. This is great for those of you out there with sensitive skin.


Now that you know these five top hacks, let us know how they work for you, and don’t forget to comment below with some of your own coconut oil tips.

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