3 Reasons I Dislike iOS 10

A few weeks ago, my refurbished iPhone 5 took a swim and I sadly had to make my way to AT&T to purchase a new phone because (let’s be real) my life depended on it. After going through the choices of iPhones, including the new 7, and checking out the prices, I decided on a 6se, which is the same size as the 5 so I didn’t have to buy a new case and it would still fit in my pocket. At first, I was thrilled to see how much faster the 6se was compared to my 5 and wow, the battery charge amazed me.

It wasn’t more than two days after purchase that my iPhone prompted me to download iOS 10 and I accidentally hit that it could update at night without even looking into the features it would provide. I am always skeptical about iPhone and app updates, so I put them off as long as I can. I even had the old Instagram logo on my iPhone 5 because I did not want to deal with Instagram stories or the brightly colored camera logo of the redone app. Little did I know that iOS 10 would become a large technology frustration rather than an advance.


1. Double Click to Unlock

I have had an iPhone for 8 years and not once did I ever have to double click to unlock my phone. I completely despise this feature because I become so irritated when I try to swipe and nothing happens. In all honestly, I think it is a ploy by Apple so the Home button breaks more often, meaning more profit for them when they have to fix it or replace a phone. I also believe that if they wanted to add this feature, they could have easily made it an OPTION instead of forcing it among avid iPhone users who share similar angst.

(Photo courtesy of mobipicker.com)


2. Random Restarts

At first, I thought my phone was dying and I didn’t realize that I had let it get to a low percentage, but that isn’t the case. Actually, my new phone has not yet hit 0% due to the long lasting battery. In one instance, I was videotaping the World Series game for just a moment and the rotating circle of doom appeared on my phone on top of a black screen. Moments later in my pocket, I felt a text vibration and my phone was back on and at 33%. This has happened to me a few times and there is no explanation for it. 


3. Camera Switch

As a proclaimed ‘Selfie Queen,’ I have been used to switching the front/back facing camera in the top right corner of the camera app, but it has been relocated to the bottom right, where the filters were originally. I read that, “...all users will appreciate this change the feature,” and I just want to rant that I do not appreciate the changes that have been made in the Camera app, especially this one.


A few other features I dislike:

  • The Notification Center being in bubbles of a harsh white color

  • The Control Center having two screens making it hard to control the brightness and sound

  • More Camera features changed...ugh

Although I dislike more than I like in iOS 10, I do like a few features, such as:

  • Voicemail being transcribed

  • Getting rid of useless (for me) apps such as Stocks

  • Better Maps navigation

I am really hoping to see some improvement in the future updates of the iOS system or at least the option to bring back the swipe to unlock feature (which is my largest frustration). Although I dislike the system, nothing can take me away from my iPhone.

Agree or disagree with me? Let me know @HerCampusOhioU!

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