2020 Music Festival Season Essentials & Reminders

With big-name festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Pitchfork releasing their lineups already, music festival season is coming soon. Going late into the summer, music festivals are a great way to enjoy your favorite artists live with friends or family. To get the most out of your experience, here are some tips and essentials for making your time the best it can be. 

  1. 1. Eat and Stay Hydrated

    There is a very good chance that you will be craving water at one point during the day. Standing out in the weather all day can really dehydrate a person. Bringing a water bottle into the venue will help keep you hydrated throughout the day. Especially if you are of age and drinking alcohol, replenish yourself to stay on top of your game. Water will be your best friend for the rest of the day so you won’t get heatstroke or ill while trying to have fun. Eat before you go to the festivals as well, typically the food isn’t very cheap either. Having a full meal can keep your energy up for a while, and because most are in the summer season, you’re going to want that extra boost of energy! Make sure to either pack a snack or buy food in between sets so that you won’t go hungry for the rest of the day!

  2. 2. Dress Accordingly to the Weather

    The show must go on! Usually, music festivals will continue even if it’s muddy, windy or raining out. Take time to watch the forecast, or if it’s a festival in a different state, make sure to take into account the weather there. If it’s going to rain, bring a rain poncho to stay dry, or bring shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Ponchos are also useful if you’re going to be sitting down on dirt or mud, that way you won’t get a giant stain on your pants. The weather can also get chillier at night, so if you feel like it, a light jacket will keep you from getting too cold. Typically, music festival-goers will dress cute, just be sure that the outfit you spent money on doesn’t get ruined, check up on the weather! 

  3. 3. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen

    You will be out in the sun all day, and you will absolutely want sunscreen. Keeping a small travel size bottle will save you some burns after the day ends. Before you leave, make sure you put sunscreen on yourself and then reapply throughout the day. Another way to beat the sun is wearing hats, specifically wide-brimmed hats that will keep the sun from your face. Sunscreen is essential, and most seasoned festival-goers can be seen carrying it with them.

  4. 4. Portable Chargers

    Always make sure your phone is 100% charged before you go to the festival, but most likely it will lose battery quickly during the day. If you need to film your favorite artist (I know I do), or contact your friends to find them, a dead phone is of no use. Keeping a portable charger (make sure that’s charged as well too) is a must so your phone will be alive throughout the day. It will save you any worries of finding a free charging station or borrowing someone else’s. 

  5. 5. A Bag of Sorts/Fanny Pack and Ziploc Bags 

    You’re going to want to bring a drawstring bag/purse or fanny pack to carry everything you need all day. Walking around all day with something heavy like a backpack can wear your shoulders down during the day, especially if you’re dancing throughout the day. Light drawstring bags or fanny packs are efficient to carry everything you need without it putting too much weight on your body. It’s also a good idea to put your valuables in Ziploc bags so they don’t get damaged. Even if they are in a bag, if you feel the need, keeping cash or your phone in a Ziploc baggie will keep it in one place in your larger bag. 

  6. 6. Travel Size Shampoo and Other Hygienic Essentials 

    This is if your festival has campgrounds that you’re planning on staying at. You’re going to be sweaty and want to wash off. Bring some travel size shampoo and conditioner, or even dry shampoo. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and clean, plus you can get rid of all the grime from the day. Baby wipes are helpful for wiping dirt and sweat off throughout the day, and if you can’t get a shower on the campgrounds they’re great for feeling less sweaty. If you’re staying over make sure to bring your toothbrush, hairbrush, and other bathroom essentials you would use at home. It also might benefit you to bring toilet paper, you never know if you’ll be lucky to be provided with some.

Music festivals are supposed to be a fun experience. Let loose and have fun! Nobody is judging you so make the best memories you can. Keep these tips in mind before you go so you can be prepared for everything.