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15 Post-Spring Break Thoughts OU Bobcats Have

The first week of March is the most wonderful time of the year for many Bobcats and that week is spring break. Many travel to the Caribbean, Florida and other warm destinations. But what happens when that week ends and you’re going through withdrawal? HCOU has some post-spring break thoughts for you!


1. When you especially miss the sunshine and beach when it’s raining cats and dogs Uptown:


2. You know you have a paper due in the next 24 hours but all you want to do is get your drink and tan on:


3. You are lying alone in your bed actually kind of missing sharing one bed with six of your friends:


4. You’re just sad the sun isn’t shining on your face and it’s making you depressed:


5. You want to move out of Ohio ASAP:


6. When you think about the state you room was in during the week, and realizing you could live in almost anything:



7. Is it possible to go through spring break withdrawal after one week?


8. You take that back. You went through withdrawal the second you got back.

9. Oh no… There’s a video from spring break?! You don’t want to know if you were the star of the show…

10. You don’t want to see any photos resurface:

11. What happened on spring break, stayed on spring break:

12. You realize your mom was right all along about wearing sunscreen because your skin is starting to look multi-colored from all the peeling:

13. You aren’t even sure if you should check your bank account…

14. Hopefully, your missing clothes ended up in your friends suitcase:

15. Even though it ended, it will go down as one of the best weeks of your life:

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