13 Best Halloween Vines To Put You In A Spooky Mood

The best way to enjoy the Halloween season is to curl up on the couch and watch some spooky vines with your friends. Even though Vine is long gone, it is still a popular trend that everyone enjoys. Since Halloween is approaching soon, these videos can help you get into a festive mood. While enjoying a classic Halloween movie can be fun, vines are short and allow you to take a quick break instead of spending two hours watching a movie. Halloween is my favorite holiday and just like everyone else, I love watching vines, so here are 13 of my favorite Halloween themed vines to put you in a spooky mood.

1. "Hi, I’m the wicked wiener"

2. "Hey there demons"

3. "Boo"

4. "Does this sound like Shakira"

5. "Halloween finger"

6. "Dance skeletons"

7. "Skeleton computer"

8. "What's your name?"

9. "Do you remember?"

10. "Costume party"

11. "Ghost hit by folding chair"

12. "Crying over a pumpkin"

13. "It's freaking bats"