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Are you struggling with deciding on a trendy costume that doesn’t break the bank? Here are a few ideas that might help you decide.

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1. Powerpuff girls: If you have three girls and need a cute idea, this is for you. Buy three dresses (green, pink, and blue) from the thrift store. Make sure to add a black belt to add some glam. Then add some white knee high socks. The girl in blue should wear pigtails, the girl in red should try to find some red ribbon, and the girl in green can wear her hair down.

2. Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: Grab some friends and a tail and try out this crazy costume. Take a look through your closet and find a cute white cami with a pair of black leggings. Buy some eye black or dark paint and start drawing spots all over. Lastly, add the tail and ears and you’re ready for a fun night with friends.

3. Any Disney Princess: Even though you don’t have to leave at midnight, it doesn’t hurt to dress like Cinderella or any other royal character. To be a princess, check out  Claire’s or Icing (for some reason, they always have tiaras). Then wear a cute dress or tutu and voila! If you’re really lucky, get your hands on a cutie and dress him up like Prince Charming.

4. Cat in the Hat: If you want to dress up with a friend or a significant other, and really love children’s books then try this cute idea. Grab a red dress and blue high socks or long red shirt with blue leggings. Write Thing One and Thing Two. You can even add some cute accessories to make the costume even better.

5. Pink Ladies: This one is my absolute favorite (possibly because it’s my costume).  The only thing that has to be bought is the Pink Ladies jacket. The other items can be found at home. First there are the tight black pants, which leggings are the ideal fit. The second is an old blouse that can be tucked in or knotted at the bottom. Find a pair of patent leather shoes and you can be living in the 1950s.

6. Hear/See/Speak No Evil Monkey: Grab three pals for this amazingly clever costume. Then begin with a brown shirt and pants. You can add cute gloves or earmuffs (not only are they stylish, they will keep you warm too). Making monkey ears is an option too.  If you have a friend who has calligraphy skills, let them be in charge of making the T-shirts. Assign each girl one of the “evils”… hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. Write each out on the shirts. P.S.: if you have no idea what’s going on, it’s the three monkey emojis!

7. Doll: If you’re looking for something different but can still grab the attention of the entire room this is perfect for you. It’s also more inexpensive because the clothing is less important than the face makeup. If you’re looking for a Barbie-style doll, try bright red lips, a fancy dress, and dark eyeliner. The porcelain doll is even easier. Wear a cute vintage dress with a long shawl. Dress it up with white foundation and red blush. For an added effect, ponytails or braids work really well.

8. Care Bear: This is a great costume for larger groups of friends. Each girl gets a care bear, and you just wear that color. Make out ears and paste them on a headband.

Photo from costume-works.com

9. Pikachu and Ash: This couple’s costume is perfect for new and old couples. Find a cute yellow shirt with a pair of black leggings and a yellow tutu. Asher needs a white T-shirt, a blue vest, and a red, white and blue hat.

10. Harry Potter: Wear a black vest with a blue undershirt and a cute shirt or khakis. Add the lightning scar to your forehead and a wand and you might be doing some magic on Halloween.

11. Scooby Doo: Scooby Doo can be done at beginner or expert levels. For Shaggy, a pair of loose khakis and a long green shirt will do. Scooby is a little harder. Look for a plain brown T-shirt, black leggings, and a collar. Along with that some dog ears may help (try two pig tails by your ears). For Velma, a cute skirt and an orange turtleneck with glasses will work perfectly. Fred and Daphne should be easy: a long sleeved sweater with with a scarf, and a tight dress with a headband and dark lipstick.

12. Jay Gatsby and Daisy: Jay should wear a nice suit while Daisy should be in a flapper dress. These vintage items can be found at Athens Underground on Court Street.

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