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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

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College can be tough. It’s a brand new place with brand new people and it’s hard not to feel lonely sometimes. But you shouldn’t let that get in the way of you meeting new people, exploring new places, and finding yourself! If you’re feeling homesick — and at one point or another, we all have — check out these tips.

1. Make new friends! There are so many great people on campus, you just have to walk out the door. It’s a great way to combat homesickness because there are a lot of people feeling the exact same way.

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2. Keep in contact the old-fashioned way. Write a letter. You will get to spend time thinking about your family back home, and you’ll get a letter back! Who doesn’t love receiving mail? There are mailboxes in every building and they are easy to find. There’s also a mailroom on the fourth floor of Baker.

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3. If you’re missing your fluffy little friend, try visiting the local animal shelter or Petland on East State Street. Even though it won’t be the same as cuddling up to your best friend, it will make you feel a little better until the next time you see them.

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4. Get involved! (Join HCOU!) There are more than 400 clubs and organizations on campus. You are bound to find something interesting, and it could turn into something you really enjoy or a life-long passion.

5. Skype! Don’t spend every waking hour ringing your family, but every once in awhile call them up. The plus is that you can actually see everyone rather than just hearing their voices.

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6. Do up your room Pinterest-style. Your room describes you, so make it homey. Hang up pictures of friends and family, add lots of canvasses with bright colors, or try a bean bag or bouncy chair! The littlest detail can brighten your mood.  

7. If you’re missing home-cooked meals, try making snacks from home. There’s cookie mix in Nelson market and the ingredients for puppy chow can be found all over campus. If you don’t have access to a kitchen, try trail mix, cookie dough (just remove the eggs) or banana boats. Shively Dining Hall also has a whole section dedicated to homemade dishes like grilled cheese and mashed potatoes.

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8. One of the best ways to feel back at home is to have a midnight movie party. Be prepared to make lots of popcorn and pink lemonade, and binge watch old movies like Aquamarine, Mean Girls or (my personal favorite) Sleepover.  You’ll feel better and get a chance to get to know the girls in the residence hall.

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9. Take a trip to the gym. You’ll work up a sweat, forget about feeling sad, and prevent the awful freshman fifteen. Plus it’s loads of fun too. Go with a new friend!

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10.  If you’re still not feeling better by now, Parents Weekend is Sept. 18-20. Invite your family down to see your school, to comfort you, and make you appreciate them and your freedom even more! Activities during the weekend can be found here.

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