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10 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Not a Loser

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Finding the right guy is already a struggle, but when the culture of partying, drinking and hook-ups are added to the mix, finding something real is a hard challenge. So try these clues to tell to keep pushing for a boy that cares.

1. He wants to go on real dates. He will take you to the movies, go hiking with you, and want to show the world.

2. He wants to hold your hand. He’s proving you mean something to him. He wants everyone to know you are his girl. It’s a smart idea to hold onto to that one.

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3. He wants to know the little things. He will want to really get to know you and everything there is to know. Your favorite color, favorite animal, favorite food, what makes you tick and most importantly what makes you smile.

4. You have intellectual conversations. He wants to get to know you and understand the perspectives you have.

5. He smiles when you’re around. He’s happy you’re there and it’s easy for him to be happy when you spend time with him.

6. He wants to take things slow. Any guy who sticks around past the I-don’t-just-hookup line is in it for more than just sex.

7. Your friends approve. It also helps when he introduces you to his friends.

8. He doesn’t know how to act around you, so he constantly embarrasses himself.

9. He puts in the effort to get together and spend time with you.

10. If a guy you’re hanging around isn’t doing any of these things, get a dog. Guys can be stupid. 

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