10 Reasons You Should Probably Swipe Left On Tinder

Tinder is used all over every college campus. Whether it’s to find a date party date, a hookup, a relationship, or just for fun - Tinder is full of cuties and weirdos.  Here are 10 reasons to swipe left, and to help you get to the right one!!

1. They have girls in their pictures

Who is that girl? Is that your sister?? Your girlfriend?? Too complicated to figure out! Left!!

2. All of their pictures are group pictures

Which one are you? The cute one? The ugly one? The tall one? (Disclaimer: it’s almost always the ugly one.)

3. All of their pictures are selfies with Snapchat lenses

How do I know what you actually look like?? Do you permanently have cat ears??

4. They have really long/weird bios

I don’t even need to explain this one! I am not trying to read a book- especially if it’s rude.

5. They only have 1 picture, and it’s not of their face

Hello? How do you expect someone to swipe right on that? Isn’t the point of Tinder to see their looks?

6. They have babies/toddlers in their pictures

Is that your kid? Is it not? *Nervously wondering* I’m in college- not ready to be a stepmom! Or have baby mama drama!

7. The only pictures they have are shirtless mirror pics

Here’s an idea: show your face? Maybe?? Too cringe.

8. They use memes as their pictures

Memes are for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anything except tinder. Please don’t do this!!

9. They put their height in their bio

Especially if you’re under 6 foot. Is it a personality trait you should be proud of?? What do you want me to do with this information??

10. They put all of their social media links in their bio

Here for the followers!! If you ever look them up on any of their socials you’ll know to expect posed pics for days.