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10 last minute halloween costumes for the passive partygoer

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Halloween is near and that $50 costume is ineligible for Prime 2-day shipping. If this is holding you back from attending that house party that you forgot you were invited to. Now there are plenty of reasons not to go to that party, but the lack of an expensive costume is not one. Here are 10 quick and easy costumes that will give off the I put a lot of effort into this look but no biggie vibe. If you don’t have the items lying around, I can promise that these items can cost $20 or less.

Georgie from IT

Grab a red balloon from you nearest dollar store. Throw on your beat up rain boots and grab your raincoat. Don’t fret if you don’t have a raincoat or if it is not yellow. You can just grab a yellow poncho while you are at the store for the balloon. I promise it won’t ruin the costume and will look just as good. The best part? You can wear a pair of jeans and a shirt for a guaranteed comfortable night.


Same deal as #1. Nix the balloon and wear some wacky and striped underclothes. A little red lipstick wouldn’t hurt but is not necessary. If you are feeling a bit inspired or artsy, you can grab some temporary blue hair dye. This character is easily recognizable and perfectly in keeping with spooky season.


It seems that characters that wear yellow make for the easiest costumes. Grab a yellow sweater, white undershirt, and your favorite pair of jeans for a quick and easy costume. You can bug your friend for their pair of glasses for the night or pop out the lense of your least favorite pair of sunglasses to achieve the same effect. It also moonlights as a cute outfit for any fall day.

Regina george

Replicating an iconic low-maintenance outfit from Queen B herself is a must! All you need is a colored undershirt or bra, a white tank top, and your bottoms of choice. Don’t forget to cut circles in the white tank top where your breast sits. This is an easily recognizable costume that will make you the center of the attention for at least 5 minutes.

Damien from mean girls

If you couldn’t tell, I love Mean Girls. This costume is sure to get some laughs and keep you warm all night. All that is needed is a pair of sunglasses, a hoodie (preferably blueish/purple), and to occasionally yell out “She doesn’t even go here”.

marty mcfly

To be completely honest, I haven’t seen any Back to the Future movie. However, I can spot a Marty McFly costume from a mile away. You probably have all the pieces that make this costume in your closet; a pair of jeans, jean jacket, red shirt, flannel shirt, and a pair of Nikes. The puffer vest may not be in your personal collection, but one of your friends is bound to have one from their old costume a couple years ago.

stranger things characters

Grab that Stranger Things merch you bought from Target and throw it on to replicate any beloved character on the hit Netflix series. Thankfully, Target sells the exact clothing characters wear so you’ll be easily identifiable. Regardless if you do not have a Target near you (*cough* ATHENS OHIO *cough*), the pieces that make up the trendy characters’ outfits are relatively easy to acquire. Your nearest thrift store is bound to have the groovy ’80s clothing that the actors sport on camera.

blair waldorf
The CW

If you love dressing up, Blair Waldorf is the perfect person to emulate this Halloween. The most obvious Blair look to go for is the classic Constance Billiard uniform. All that includes is a schoolgirl uniform and a headband with a classic bow. For a more upscale look, throw on your best dress (a classic satin dress screams Blair Waldorf), grab a couple of empty shopping bags, and tell people that you are shopping around Europe!

Frat guy

This is perhaps the easiest costume to execute on the list. It may be the most well-received as well. All you need is a solid color long sleeve, button-down shirt of your choice, and a baseball cap. The options are endless. You can accessorize with a tie, long boxer shorts, etc. Taking eyeliner or a sharpie to draw on a mustache or beard will add a little razzle-dazzle. It is not the most original costume but it is a crowd-pleaser.


For a really low-maintenance costume, just throw on a pair of biker shorts (and a sports bra) and a robe. A lighter fabric robe will be preferable but it does not matter much. This costume can be customized with fingerless gloves, fake bruises, and a braided hairstyle! Even at its basic level, this costume is guaranteed to grant you entrance into that house that costume checks at the front door!

No matter what costume you choose for Halloween, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! At the end of the night, no one cares what costume someone wore as long as everyone had a great time. It is also important to be considerate and respectful when choosing a costume. When in doubt if you don’t know if you are offending someone or a group of people; google it, ask a friend, or choose another costume! Have a great time and Happy Halloween!

Sharnee (Shar – Nay) is a junior at OHIO studying Psychology and Forensic Studies. They are also a resident advisor on campus, so you may see her mingling with her residents on campus. In her free time, you can find her at any coffee shop rewatching her new Netflix obsession of the month. Follow their angsty but relatable Tumblr (scarterofficial).