10 Helpful Tips When You Need Some Self-Care

Now that we are entering fall and into colder weather, seasonal depression can occur. Some may take medicine, others may like to do natural remedies to release the negative energy overpowering them. Whatever you do, take or prefer, self-care is always a must. When you’re stressed, angry, sad, depressed, self-care is always an option. Here are 10 natural tips to help you feel more like yourself again:

  1. Breathing techniques - this may sound stupid but if you are experiencing anxiety this can help calm you down.

  2. Bake - find an easy recipe, and take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.

  1. De-clutter your room.

  2. Write - write down 5 things that make you happy.

  3. Take a bath and do a face mask.

  1. Go for a walk/hike.

  2. Color or paint - this can definitely ease your mind.

  3. Enjoy the aroma of scented candles.

  4. Watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book.

  5. Meditate