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Oglethorpe Students Launch Eco-Friendly Brand

This past Earth Day, Thursday April 22, Oglethorpe students Lisette Phillips and Michela Albury launched their environmentally friendly company Philbury. The new women owned company produces sustainable cleaning products for the home that have naturally derived, cruelty free ingredients. Phillips and Albury share a passion for protecting the environment, and hope that Philbury can make non-toxic and sustainable cleaning products more easily accessible. 

So, what really makes Philbury stand out amongst the crowd of other ‘natural’ cleaning brands?

Dissolvable Strip Technology

What differentiates Philbury’s products from other brands’ cleaning products is the use of dissolvable strips. To use the cleaning strips, the spray bottle should be filled with water and then the cleaning strip can be dropped into the bottle. After shaking the bottle to mix the strip into the water, it can be sprayed to clean household surfaces.

The different cleaning strip scent options that buyers can choose from include lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint.

Sustainable Containers

Unlike big name brands whose products need to be disposed and entirely re-purchased once they’re gone, Philbury’s products come in reusable containers that can be refilled. Buyers can keep their initial container, and simply order refills to put back into that same container. Additionally, all containers and spray bottles are made of glass instead of plastic.

Truly Eco-Friendly Wipes

While most cleaning wipes on the market are made of materials that aren’t safe for the environment, Philbury’s wipes are biodegradable. This means that after they are thrown away, they can be broken down into natural elements that don’t harm nature.

Products in the Clean Collection can be purchased individually or in a bundle that includes both all purpose and bathroom cleaning strips, reusable containers, a glass spray bottle, toilet bowl refreshers, and cleaning wipes with a refillable container. 

Philbury products can be purchased on their website: https://philbury.com/

Katie Hunter

Oglethorpe '22

Katie is a junior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Urban Leadership. She is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Oglethorpe. She likes to stay busy at Oglethorpe as a member of the women's tennis team, a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, and as a research assistant studying public relations and non-profits. In her free time, you’ll probably find her drinking iced coffee and watching reality TV.
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