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Being a carless individual, whenever I want to go somewhere with my best friend, she’s usually the one who drives. This means that I spent a lot of time in her car listening to her playlist, maybe even more than my own.

Now, I’m not necessarily picky nor stingy with music. I believe there is a genre for every occasion and any song has great daydream potential. Hence why it never really bothered me that most of her songs were folk, rock, and indie alternative. Hell, some of those genres are my favorite too! That’s why I always found it funny whenever she would lament about how people didn’t like her tastes and how ‘out there’ her preferences were. Although I’m sure there are a fair share of people who don’t listen to The Amazing Devil or The Crane Wives, her playlist has some absolute bops that I think deserve more recognition.

So here are five songs from my best friend’s playlist that you need to listen to!

Hell and you by amigo the devil

At first, I didn’t really pay much attention to this song. It was an occasional tune that would pop up and I’d be either talking or daydreaming through it. However, the more I heard it, the more I grew to love it as I was able to fully appreciate it in its entirety. It’s a very romantic song and I adore the way Danny Kiranos delivers his lyrics. It feels more like a genuine confession by the bonfire than a performance, which elevates the intended message of wanting to be with someone you love. It also gave me slight Halloween vibes with some of the chosen instrumentals, you can hear it especially when you reach the bridge of the song. Other than that, I recommend this if you like simpler and softer melodies and I would highly recommend it if you want a sincere-sounding romantic song.

Shut Me up by mindless self indulgence

As an avid fan of early 2000s rock, this song instantly became one of my favorites. The guitar (aka the best instrument of all time) carried an energetic rhythm and it complemented the high-pitched singing, which is really fun to imitate when you’re with friends by the way. Along with the manic lyrics and the Johnny Test whip crack sound effects, this song is classified as a rock masterpiece in my book. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an upbeat song that’ll give you enough energy to run a marathon or stay up all night writing that final Core paper.

mile magnificent by molly ofgeorgraphy

I’m not the biggest folk enthusiast, but this song took me by surprise. It’s so upbeat and hopeful that I love singing it out loud. Like most folk songs, the lyrics tell a story and the melody is really catchy. It reminds me of something that would be in Tangled while Eugene and Rapunzel explore Corona. Definitely recommend it if you want a whimsical and poetic song.

Sleepwalk by forrest day

This song is about, you guessed it, sleepwalking! Ever since it first grazed my ears, I was enchanted. I really love this song as it has a catchy yet eerie rhythm. The violins (also one of the best instruments of all time) help set this up as you begin to wonder if this song is really about sleepwalking or an allegory for something sinister happening. But, rest assured, it’s just sleepwalking. Despite it being a relatively innocent tune, Day’s voice certainly sounds seductive as it dons a low yet smooth tone. I would recommend this song if you love violin instrumentals and villain-esque songs.

Kissaphobic by make out monday

This is another one of my instant favorites when stumbling upon her playlist. The beat, the lyrics, the voice; all of it flowed together perfectly. The beginning sounds like a slow dance from a high school dance and then the bridge goes full on rock with the momentary screaming of the lyrics and the change of pace. The shift in tone was a pleasant surprise and I feel it really enhanced the theme of hopelessness and sadness the song has. Definitely recommend it if you like pop rock and sad love ballads and, even if you don’t, consider giving this song a listen.

Hopefully, after this mini dive into her playlist, you’ll find some songs that fit right into yours!

Natalia is a sophomore double majoring in Communications and Management with a minor in Latin American Studies. She is a member of the Tri Sigma sorority and loves writing articles about media critisms and female empowerment. Her hobbies include cooking and writing fiction.
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