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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the worst personal blogger in the entire world…maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. However, I’m inconsistent and when I go through something, I have this horrible tendency of shutting everyone and anything out. Most people go through things for days, weeks, months, or years if you’re as lucky as I am. This post isn’t in the least bit for me to feel sorry for myself, but since my hiatus, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching just to come up with a solution for all of my problems that work for me. The solution is to write. Now, of course just writing something down and balling up the paper doesn’t make it go away, but it does help to cope.

Nope, not venting to any and everyone who will listen or crying and dwelling on why things happen the way that they do. The answer I’ve been hopelessly searching for is to just write. The moment I put down the pen, or in this case laptop, I took away my own voice. I know, I sound melodramatic but nonetheless it is my truth. So let’s start, shall we?


Since the last time I posted, I’ve graduated from high school and I’m about to successfully wrap up my freshman year of college as a first-generation student. My life as a nineteen-year-old student is how it’s supposed to be, so I assume. My social life is in shambles, but my grades are intact so I might be more ok with that than I should be! Maybe one day I’ll learn to juggle friends, priorities, and my passion but until then I think tending solely to my passion is the best thing for me to do for now. Reading this you may think that I’m a hot mess and that I’m all over the place, but truthfully I like to think of myself as a masterpiece that just so happens to be a work in progress all in the same breath.


For the two years I’ve been away from my beloved Bossy Belle blog (bossybelle.wordpress.com), I’ve been hesitant because I was unsure of what direction I was going with this. You have your beauty bloggers, fashion gurus, food enthusiasts, and so on. I was trying to figure out what my niche was so I could stick to one thing and do it well. Yep, I came up with nothing other than to just be myself and see what happens from there. I don’t want to fit into a box and stay there. What works for other people may not work for me and that’s perfectly fine. If anything,

I just want to be relatable and I want to write about anything and everything that makes my heart content. So, with that being said I’m going to try my hardest to stay consistent, be honest and vulnerable… not too vulnerable and I hope to occasionally make my readers laugh. (Don’t worry, over time you’ll learn to appreciate my humor). No, but seriously I hope to gain nothing from this, except for the ability to be consistent. For those who’ve been asking where I’ve been, thank for continuously pushing me and ensuring me that I can do it!

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