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Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Anshae began singing at the young age of five. She only sang at church or school up until 19 years old, which allowed her to overcome her stage fright. After graduating from ODU (December 2017) at the age of 23, she has decided to share her voice with the world. I had the chance to get to know ShaeLaSoul and got a few exclusives about her upcoming debut EP, “SOULidified.”

HC: How did you come up with your stage name?

ShaeLaSoul:  The stage came after numerous failure of nicknames. It was inspired by the group DeLaSoul and my love for soulful music. Everything I write or create comes from my soul and heart. I mean every word & I’m the soul of it all.

HC: When did singing become more than a hobby for you?

ShaeLaSoul: It became more than a hobby in elementary school when two other friends and I began a singing group LSG– which stood for Zodiac signs, Leo, Sagittarius & Gemini. I wrote the group’s lyrics, two of us would sing and one would rap. It was lit. I took it more seriously because I had a passion for writing. Reading and writing were my things and I was just fundamental when it came to writing and expressing what I wanted to say.

HC: Top 3 favorite singers?

ShaeLaSoul: Anita Baker, Jazmine Sullivan & Jhene Aiko. To add one that will forever be on my list is Erykah Badu. Between soul & charismatic lyrics they all seem to fit me, personally.

HC: Top 3 favorite albums?

ShaeLaSoul: Any Jhene album will suit me, but as far as albums… this is tough, but they really aren’t singing albums– more so rapping. “Graduation” by Kanye, “The Carter III” by Lil Wayne, and “Baduizm” by Erykah Badu.



HC: Who inspires you? (Famous or not)

ShaeLaSoul: My father really inspires me to be me. And to create sounds that are original yet new to the ear, but forever and always add some soul to them.

HC: Best and worst thing about the “underground music” scene in the 757?

ShaeLaSoul: Honestly, there are some talented people in the 757. I actually make more things pop and do more in the 757 compared to anywhere else. The only hard thing is trying to keep originality and your ideas your own. You could come up with something and boom, another artist comes out with it. And you sit there like ‘Wow, I just thought of that.’ It’s just something you have to work on and make sure you go hard and making sure you’re bomb in your craft.

HC: What advice would you give to someone who enjoys singing but is afraid of putting themselves out there?

ShaeLaSoul: Release all that fear and uncertainty into your music. All the energy you’re giving to fear, put it into improving your voice or stage skills. I had stage fright and I would literally cry every time I sang. In church, they thought it was the holy ghost, but no, I was close to running off the stage.

HC: Your upcoming EP is titled, “SOULidified,” what’s the meaning of the title?

ShaeLaSoul: The title derives from the word solidified which means to make or become solid. Adding soul is me making sure that I’m solid in my soul. Everything I’m writing and giving y’all to listen to is what I wrote. I stand solid in how I feel, sound, and the way the EP is set up. This debut EP is to let you know I’m here, I’m solid, and I’m not changing.

HC: Can you give us a release date for the EP? How about any features?

ShaeLaSoul: It’ll be released on Soundcloud. I hope everyone loves it. But if it doesn’t sound right to me, I won’t release it. I’ll say around March 30th – April 10th. I have two features on it from two 757 artists and it will be their first debut as well. I gave them a shot ’cause why not?

After taking a class and becoming friends with Anshae and getting to know her as ShaeLaSoul, I can say she’s genuinely a beautiful person inside and out. Staying solid and being herself will take her far in all of her endeavors. Personally, I wish her the best of luck and I’m looking forward to listening to “SOULidified.”

You can keep up with ShaeLaSoul by following her social media accounts listed below:

Twitter & IG- @cravethevintage 

Snapchat- rydialovee

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