Meet Kelsey Pappas

Name: Kelsey Pappas

Major: English-Creative Writing

Hometown: Fairfax Station, VA


What are you involved in at Old Dominion University?

I am involved the Theta Phi Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority and am the current Chaplain and Historian.


What do you love about being in a sorority?

I love that I get to grow in my communication skills and learn from women on how to strengthen myself in my values. It also teaches me how to truly love and accept all the quirky and beautiful things about myself.


Where is your favorite food place to visit around Norfolk and why?

One of my favorites is Willoughby By the Bay in Willoughby Spit. It’s a small shack that has a great atmosphere and even better food.  


What made you want to pursue a degree in Creative Writing?

I was not doing well as a Special Education major and the passion was dying quicker than I thought. I love writing, in all forms, and I knew writing would bring me back to where all my passion lies. I would love to be a poet, or to historical research someday.


Which writers inspire you and why?

C.L. Davis wrote “The Christmas Barn”. I’ve read it 10 times and still have a new perspective of the story every time; his work fills me with so much joy. I also enjoy Chip and Joanna Gaines as their wholesomeness of their personalities shine in their writing.  


What do you like to write about?

I love writing about emotional experiences. The experiences you have are worth sharing with others as someone can learn from those experiences.


What advice would you give to students who are interested in pursuing an English degree?

Read and re-read everything, but most importantly never let anyone tell you that an English degree is nothing; passion for language and literature is what drives you.


What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans are to stay in Norfolk permanently and work hard to get a great job.


What’s your favorite kind of candy and why?

I hate candy and most things that are sweet. I’ve never been able to explain it.


Why do you love mac and cheese so much?

Cheese is my favorite food and I love how versatile it can be just like we can be in our own lives.


What do you love about being a twin?

I love having a sister who knows me more than I know myself because most of our life experiences have happened at the same time. She has been there during the hardest moments in my life and she continues to push me to seek the beautiful parts of myself.