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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ODU chapter.

Congratulations! You’re getting hip and starting to have an interest in makeup. The days of spending hours watching YouTube videos and getting lost in Buzzfeed listicles have only begun. Makeup can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re a novice. Even though makeup is overwhelming at times, it’s best if you keep it simple for an every day or a night out look. You don’t want to ruin your skin with too many makeup products, especially if you’ve never worn makeup. It’s always best to have trials and errors when learning makeup. These seven product suggestions can help you get off to a great start!

1. Face and Eye Primers


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Your face is like a canvas you would want to paint. Just like painting on a wall, face and eye primers will keep your makeup staying for the whole day! If you don’t put primer on your face and eyes, then not only can your makeup melt off within a few hours, but your makeup may not be as pigmented as you may want it to be. Apply the primers like you would with your moisturizer, making sure it’s all evenly applied onto your face.

2.  BB Cream

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BB creams are a light mixture of foundation and moisturizer into one. They don’t have full coverage but are perfect if you have little imperfections or redness you’d like to get rid of. This is a perfect makeup base if you are starting out a foundation. Apply the BB cream with a foundation brush to avoid the cakiness. Cakiness happens when you apply your foundation too much causing it to crease.

3. Eyebrow Pencil

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Don’t neglect your brows! Whether your brows are naturally thick or thin, it’s best to have them filled in because brows can make a statement. Applying eyebrow makeup is pretty hard at first because there are many ways you can color and fill them in. If you want to know how to apply and fill in eyebrow pencil, click here. Did you know? Eyebrow pencil works great as an eyeliner! Apply it to your waterline and it looks just as pigmented as eyeliner pencil. 

4. Neutral-Based Eyeshadow Palette


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Since you’re starting out makeup, it’s best to start with colors that are versatile. Don’t go too crazy with blues, greens or any other wild colors if you don’t know how to blend eyeshadow well! Plus, those colors are not exactly for an everyday or evening look. Something neutral will pair with any eye color and make them pop. Nonetheless, it’s still hard blending in and knowing what colors go where on your eyelid. Click here for eyeshadow basics in applying. 

5. Waterproof Mascara


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Personally, I find waterproof mascara to be more effective than regular mascara. Regular mascara tends to smudge when blinking. Unlike waterproof, it stays for a long time and it’s more pigmented! Apply the mascara on your eyelashes looking down on a mirror, that way you’ll get to see the full view of your appliance.  

6. Bronzer


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Bronzer will give your face warmth and natural-ish contour to it. Sometimes, you want to add a beachy glow to your face in the middle of winter. Applying bronzer is very easy to do! Apply it softly on the hollows of your cheeks, on your forehead, and little on your chin. You’ll notice the difference once one side of the face is applied.

7. Colored Lip Pencil

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Lip pencil is like a lip stain on your lips. If you’re too hesitant to use lip gloss or lipstick, then try out a lip pencil! I would recommend a nude pink lip pencil for any lip shapes. It’s sometimes nice to have a color very settled. Apply the lip pencil to the outsides of your lips carefully. As soon as you traced the outside, carefully fill in the inside, like a coloring book!

Hope these suggestions help out for you! Good luck and have fun, beautiful!

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