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How to Rock the Socks off an Interview

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Dress For the Job

If you’re interviewing for a camp counselor position, don’t wear four-inch heels. If you’re interviewing for an office position, make sure you fit their dress code. Be professional and put together. You don’t have to get a hairdo or a full face of makeup, just clearly show effort and how you would look at a day of work.

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Practice Questions

Look up questions that people in the field often ask in interviews. If you know someone with a similar job, ask them about their interview. Go over what makes you a good candidate and a good leader. You do not want to sound rehearsed in your interview, but being prepared can really boost your confidence in the interview, and their confidence in you.

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Bring Your Resume

While they may have a copy of your CV or Resume, it never hurts to bring a copy along with you. That way, if they ask for it, you can give it to them.

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Be Honest

Taking AP Spanish in high school does not make you fluent. Having Excel on your computer does not make you a pro. Do not lie or oversell certain skills. Be honest about where you stand and your willingness to learn for the job. If you get a job based on something you cannot do at all or as well as you said, you’ll find yourself falling through the cracks to actually succeed at work. The best solution is to be positive about your skills, without exaggerating.

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Take Your Time Answering

If you’re struggling to answer a question, pause. Breathe. You can admit that you’re thinking about the best way to phrase the answer. This will save you from saying something in a rush that you could have used a better example or worded better.

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Be Early, Not on Time

While showing up half an hour before your interview time would be a little awkward for everyone, ten minutes is a good buffer time. It shows that you are eager for the position and excited about the work. It shows your commitment and that you are reliable with time.

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