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How Pinterest is Becoming a Top-Tier Social Media Platform

What once was used as a platform for PTA moms to share bake sale recipes and DIY craft ideas, is now becoming the new “it” platform. Pinterest has come out of the woodwork recently as a social media platform safe from all the negative and toxic elements of other apps. 

Pinterest gives users the opportunity to create “boards,” where they can save “pins,” which are pictures, gifs, memes and videos to their profile. You can give the boards titles and with the new update to their website, even create boards within other boards. On Pinterest, users have complete control to make their profile look as aesthetic as they want.  

You might be wondering “Why now? After all, Pinterest has been around since 2010, so what’s causing it to have such a surge in users now? 

Two words: Vision. Board. Vision boards have become all the rage recently, as a way for people (generally twenty-something year old girls) to set goals for themselves and manifest a “dream lifestyle,” through pictures. Putting together a collage (either digitally or physically) of all the goals you’re trying to reach and then setting somewhere that you see it everyday, serves as a powerful reminder not to give up on yourself. 

And Pinterest is the perfect way to do exactly that! You can scroll for hours looking at pictures of the Italian countryside, planning your perfect summer wardrobe, designing how you want your future house to look and so much more. 

Pinterest can inspire tons of positive lifestyle changes too! The platform is chock full of recipes that are easy and quick to make. Type in your favorite ingredient and find no less than hundreds of recipes that include it. 

Feeling stuck expressing yourself? It can also help you find ways to showcase your identity and personality through inspiring outfit pictures, makeup ideas and hairstyles. One of the awesome features that Pinterest has is inclusive search options. When you search for something like “bright makeup” it gives users the option to select their skin tone range in order to get a selection of pins that accurately reflects different users. 

The platform can have major effects on your day too. Sometimes as simple as logging onto Pinterest and being greeted with a simple quote about how capable, strong, and smart you are has the power to completely change your mindset. 

If you still haven’t been convinced to create your account, Pinterest also serves as an easy platform to support all of your online shopping. Pinned a cute sweater to your feed? Chances are, you can click on the link attached to the pin to be taken right to a website you can buy it from!

As an avid user of Pinterest since seventh grade, I’m glad the platform is finally getting the recognition it deserves. While vision boarding isn’t going to directly accomplish your dreams for you, it’s a great way to help you understand what you are trying to achieve and help you make decisions that will reflect those goals! Happy pinning! 

Hi Everyone! My name is Carly Herbert, I'm the Senior Editor here at HerCampus ODU! I'm originally from Northern VA, but I'm a huge fan of traveling and don't like to stay in one place for too long. I'm majoring in English with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Marketing. A few fun facts about me: an avid coffee drinker, I love the outdoors, and I'm a cat person!
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