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How Bella Bishop Created Galassi: Where Luxury Meets Affordability

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WEAR RVA is a non-profit dedicated to helping empower young women through modeling and raising funds for scholarships for them to explore higher education. They recently hosted its fifth fashion show in Richmond, Virginia at the Dewey Gottwald Center in the Science Museum of Virginia showcasing local businesses while raising money for The Women’s Club Scholarship Fund. Of the many brands and businesses modeled, Galassi, created by Bella Bishop, stood out for its classy and luxurious appeal.

Galassi has a unique history described by Bishop. Galassi was originally named NoDoubt before Bishop opted for a name closer to her heart. Bishop credits her passion and motivation to her family who are originally from Napoli, Italy. Her family has had a rich history within the fashion industry; her great grandfather, Ernesto Galassi, from whom Galassi’s new name originated was a couture tailor in Brooklyn, New York, her grandmother a fashion connoisseur, a cousin who opened their own boutique, and another cousin who works in haute couture houses. Bishop described herself as “the portal to lead my family’s legacy and name,” within the fashion industry. She also draws her passion from her mother and grandmother who showed her the value of independence and hard work as she was a young girl growing up. It is her biggest honor to use her family’s name for her brand to give back to them as they did to her growing up.

When choosing her aesthetic and products, Bishop wanted to create a sense of empowerment for women when wearing Galassi. Her love of casual luxury fueled her mindset as she considered the various options when building her brand. Knowing that items typically coined “luxury” are outside the budget for many consumers, she wanted to break the standard and find the soft spot of attainable luxury for consumers of all ages with different fashion needs. For Galassi, this meant choosing high-quality pieces that are classy, timeless and elegant and can be worn for any occasion. 

Once choosing her products and deciding her aesthetics, Bishop went on to create Galassi’s website fitting the vision she hoped customers would envision when they heard the name Galassi. Once her website was complete, she was ready to set her launch date and share Galassi with the public. From start to finish, Bishop spent around a year creating Galassi before officially launching online in January 2024. 

Today, Galassi offers a wide collection of fashion items including dresses, pants and accessories at an affordable price point for consumers wanting luxury items without emptying their wallets. Since its launch, Galassi has received positive feedback from customers nationwide and continues to grow in popularity. To check out the current styles offered by Galassi, visit https://galassicollective.com/ or @shop.galassi on Instagram!

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