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HC @ ODU Member Spotlight: Khaiara Murrell

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ODU chapter.

Name: Khaiara Murrell (AKA Kay)

Major: Human Services

Position in HC @ ODU: Events Director and Writer

Other campus involvement: Human Services Association as one of the founding members!

HC: How did you find out about Her Campus?

K: “I honestly found out from a friend when I was in high school. She was a year ahead of me and went to VCU and was a writer there! I looked up to her for the most part and HC was just something that stuck with me until I came to ODU!”

HC: What is your favorite thing about being in Her Campus?

K: “I like the family bonds we build with each other! It’s literally like a home away from home and for every member, I have met, will meet, and knew I wish them so much success in the world!”

HC: What made you want to be the Events Director?

K: “Well some of the things I do as an Event Director are things that I will be doing in my field (Human Service). I also love getting involved in the community and want to give other a opportunity to be involved also!”

HC: How do you like it so far?

K: “I honestly love it! Haha, the same day I found out I got the position I spent the whole night coming up with a list of events for us to do!”

HC: Why did you decide to be a Human Services major?

K: “I have always been big on helping people as much as I can, I think it’s my biggest passion. I once upon a time wanted to be a cop but that didn’t work and I could never imagine myself being a doctor. In the Human Service field, so many different avenues are available so I can help people but I always have a choice if that makes sense.”

HC: What is your biggest drive in life?

K: “Seeing others be happy, and I want to make my grandparents proud of me, as cheesy as that sounds!”

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: “Well…I hope to be stable in my career for sure, right now I’m considering working with Adult Protection Services. Married to a guy who shares the same goals I have in life if not a good 80%, two kids, and A LOT of dogs!”

HC: Is there a motto that you live by? If so, what is it?

K: “Yes!” “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one is for helping yourself, the other for helping others” -Audrey Hepburn

HC: Do you have any advice for women who are entering college this year?

K: “Hmm… don’t be afraid to be yourself and try new things. This is the time in your life that you figure out who you are before you get bogged down by adulthood. Laugh a lot, make close friends (even if its a few), and change for no one but yourself!”

HC: What is the most important issue to you?

K: “Sexual Assault against men and women, and domestic violence.”

HC: When you have free time, what do you enjoy doing?

K: “I like to run, do yoga, but I’m also an undercover gamer so I play the Sims on PC and Kingdom Hearts (four more months until the 3rd game is released, YAY!!).”

HC: Lastly, what is an unpopular opinion you have?

K: “Pineapples DO belong on pizza!”

My name is Danielle (Danni for short), and I am a transfer student here at ODU! Before I came here I wrote for Her Campus at CNU, and I was studying Computer Engineering of all things! I'm majoring in Graphic Design now, and minoring in Spanish. I also work as a delivery driver at Domino's. Besides writing I also enjoy photography, cooking, and dyeing my hair dark red!