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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ODU chapter.

Do you need some creative inspiration for your final project? Do you need a break from looking at your computer screen? One great way to unwind is to grab a friend (or go alone!) and see an art exhibit. Many people find that being in a quiet environment and looking at art is quite therapeutic. The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries are right here at ODU and most of the exhibits are free!

Current exhibitions:

The Art of Trains

Duration: Now-July 2018

Admission: Free

Step into the exhibition room and get swept away by powerful train art. Learn about the history of trains and listen to music genres like Blues, Ragtime and Jazz. Take yourself back to the smoky billows of the Industrial Revolution. Here are a few of the works you may see:

Face Value

Duration: Now-Dec 17

Admission: Free

This exhibition shows off the work of senior students that are graduating this semester. The central theme is faces, so expect to see many different representations of people, whether that be real or fantastic. Check out what your peers have accomplished in their time here at ODU!

Make sure to also put your name in either the gallery registry or the exhibit registry in the Art of Trains!

(Pro tip: Backpacks are not allowed in exhibits so leave them outside on one of the chairs)

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