5 Reasons You Should Pack Your Bags & Visit Austin ASAP

Recently I took a whirlwind weekend trip to Austin, Texas and had the best time possible. I’ve taken the liberty of listing some reason why I think you would also really, really enjoy a trip to Austin. I’m a food enthusiast, so the majority of my points will involve good eating. Sorry, not sorry.


1. Chuy’s

Source: PhotoPin

Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant is the La Herradura of Texas, if not better. Instead of ODU students swarming in for delicious margaritas and Mexican food, I’m sure you can find University of Texas (Austin) kids there on a typical Monday-Friday night. Chuy’s has these famous “As Big as Yo’ Face” burritos that will not disappoint, and I can personally recommend them to you. More specifically, it is a homemade, 12” flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans, cheese and your choice of bean & cheese, seasoned ground sirloin and oven roasted chicken.

The best part about Chuy’s? Not only are there locations all over Texas, they have Chuy’s in other states as well (including VIRGINIA).  I’ll be back.

2. Southside Tattoo

A little hole in the wall tattoo shop, perfect for getting matching lotus blossoms with your best friend (in case you’re wondering why I was there). “It is actually pretty famous,” my tattoo artist assured me over the buzzing of the tattoo gun. The tattoo artist name dropped numerous celebrities whose names I have forgotten but I can tell you with great certainty that Johnny Depp has seen the inside of Side Side Tattoo.  Be ready to spend a little money, but the final product of your tattoo will not disappoint.

3. Thundercloud Subs

This was the very first food stop in Austin and I was happily surprised by how great these subs really are. Great variety and not too pricey. They have—get this—EGG SALAD sandwiches that are delicious as can be. My final minutes in Austin were spent at the airport ThunderCloud Subs, where I almost missed my flight in hopes of eating another sub. These subs are amazing enough to make you consider boycotting Jimmy Johns and Jersey Mike’s both.

4. South Congress

The perfect hipster neighborhood even if you’re not a hipster. Trendy shops and cute eateries line up the sidewalk and you can buy any kind of candy you want (including vintage candy) at the Big Top Candy Shop. Home Slice Pizza is there if you’re in the mood for a huge piece of delicious pizza, and you won’t regret a single bite. Right down the street is the famous Graffiti Park, where you can admire other people’s crazy good artwork, or create your own since it is open to the public.

5. 6th Street

Affectionately labeled “Dirty Sixth”, this is a historic street and entertainment district that you will love if you’re 21+.  The bars here are magnificent, and it is easy to get free samples of shots and shooters. My new favorite shooter was discovered here, inappropriately dubbed the Star F*****r.  Food trucks are everywhere so if you find yourself tipsy and incredibly hungry after a long night of drinking, you won’t suffer for long until you come across a food truck with delicious smells wafting out.

Not only does Austin have the best tourist spots, it is the most liberal city in the state and has a modern, diverse population.  I can tell you about how great this city is, or you can go see for yourself.