Why You Should Start A Personal Blog

You may think that blogging is only for people who like writing, but even for those who don't, there’s a lot to gain from documenting your journey through life. Everyone has a story. Here are some reasons why you should share yours with a personal blog...

To Build A Portfolio

Looking to have a career in journalism, media, social media, or communications? With a personal blog, you’ll have plenty of writing samples ready to go! You’ll also have a leg up on applications for classes, scholarships, and other programs because you’ll already be used to writing about yourself.

To See Your Growth

If you’ve ever looked back at an old high school paper or a diary, you may have been surprised by how much you’ve changed. Similarly, after you’ve posted on your blog for a while, you’ll be able to go back and see what you were interested in and how you were feeling during different parts of your life. It’s like your own personal yearbook!

To Work Through Your Thoughts

Sometimes it’s only when you get your thoughts down on paper (or laptop, in this case) that you are really able to understand them. A personal blog is a great opportunity to learn how to express yourself more clearly and understand the nuances of language in the process.

To Inspire Others

You know that feeling of relief you get when your friend talks about something you also struggle with? A personal blog can help you spread that feeling tenfold! By sharing your obstacles and how you overcome them, you could be helping out others without even knowing it.

We hope we’ve inspired you to share your story!

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