The Ultimate “Lady-like Friendship” is Depicted in Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals

Who doesn’t love a compelling tale of friendship between two equally funny and charming ladies? Laura and Tyler are best friends who live together, play together, and party together within the storybook town of Manchester, England. However, their antics are anything but the gentile, proper manners you’d find in any other British love story. Animals is ultimately a tale of lady-like (wink, wink) camaraderie, sex, good music, and the resurgence of youthful, albeit, drunken memories of mishaps. Basically... the exact same trials and tribulations of your freshman year!!! (If you did it right!) This two woman sorority and their jolly ways will keep you engaged throughout, wishing you were traipsing the streets of England with your best gal pal in hand with every turn of the page. While there’s plenty of sex, romance, and boys involved...those plotlines take a backseat to the multifaceted friendship at the center of it all. It’s unconditional love, sisterhood, and friendship all wrapped up in one. Alsoooo… there’s some truly beautiful and captivatingly poetic writing reminiscent of your favorite Victorian novel...except instead of depicting the visage of a lover, these words talk about tequila shots and hangovers. Give this a read for sure!

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