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Top Trends From Fall/Winter 2017

This past month has been a whirlwind of Instagram posts, Vogue runway slideshows and New York Times Style reviews. God, I’m gonna miss it. The only thing that keeps me alive until September (besides the Met Gala in May) is being able to stock up on top trends for the next season. Since fashion is a beautifully slow cycle, lots of trends for next fall have also been trends in the recent past. We can separate some of the biggest trends for F/W into two categories: keep and buy!

Keep It!



Anyone who has a pulse on fashion trends knows that velvet has been a go-to fabric lately. Stemming from the huge 90’s revival we’ve been experiencing, velvet is romantic, shiny, and gives life to any outfit.


2. Shearling

Shearling coats entered this scene from of a newfound interest in Eastern European fashion. There’s something a little grungy, yet put together about this look. If you invested in a nice one this winter, save it and pull it back out in November as if nothing’s changed.


3. Red

After such a monochromatic last few seasons, it was truly a breath of fresh air when bright red made an appearance on several catwalks. Especially prudent since yesterday’s Women’s Day strike called for women to wear defiant red in solidarity, colors can mean so much. Red itself is passionate and rebellious, perfect for the next four years under Trump. Everyone should have a little red dress in their closet (or little red tee), but if not you’ll need to grab one before fall.


4. Silver

Rose gold will always have my heart (and my money, tbh), but silver is making a comeback. Runways across the world featured all-over metallic silver to create a cohesive look without looking like a disco ball. The secret seems to be metallic cloth, not sequins!

Buy it!

5. Chunky Sleeves


Once again, open up your arms to this new trend: gorgeously wide and dynamic sleeves. Despite the 90s and 80s having their moment right now, these tops harken back to the dramatic 70s bell sleeves. If you weren’t convinced to buy a shirt like this last season, it’s now or never!

6. 80s

Speaking of the 80s, it looks like we’re going back in time. 90s style still dominate the runway, but a new wave of 80s inspired looks have also joined the stage.

7. Denim

If you’ve been looking at your jeans with incredible disdain these past couple of months, you aren’t alone. Don’t chuck ‘em in the donation bin quite yet. Forecast says that denim will be making a comeback in all forms–jeans, skirts, tops and even dresses. Take a risk and upgrade to long denim coats and button ups.

8. Gingham

How have you not been dying to hop on the gingham train? The runways looked like picnic tables with all the plaid that was going on. Buy it now, wear it through the spring and summer and revive it with turtlenecks and a shearling coat next winter.



Zoë is a sophomore at NYU, studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. When she isn't reading, she's tweeting @zoe1ugh1. 
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