Top 7 Boots to Snag as the Cold Weather Approaches

Winter is almost here and while temperatures have been dropping, the “best” is yet to come. Having to bundle up in a puffer coat conceals your jaw-dropping seasonal look. This winter, turn to shoes to compensate for an outfit that chooses warmth over style. Check out the list we have compiled below of the top winter shoes you’ll want to snag this season. While some are trendy and others more practical, keep these top-notch shoes in mind as you take on the cold months ahead!

1. Dr. Martens

Women’s 1460 Smooth

Price: $140

These timeless boots have proven themselves to be not only fashionable, but relatively warm. The boots, leaving additional room throughout the ankles and toes, allow space for thick socks without suffocating your feet. As I’ve learned from personal experience, the boots have a waterproof exterior and have proven themselves to be more suitable for snowy weather than rain boots.

2. Thigh High Boots

ASOS Design Kerria Suede Thigh High Boots

Price: $111

You may not consider thigh high boots to be the ideal shoe to trek through the snow in; and you are right. However, if you want to keep warm during those drier days while sporting a skirt and tights, they’re you best (and warmest) option to help keep those legs warm!

3. Sock Shoes

Zara Fabric High-Tops

Price: $59.90

If you “like those Balenciagas… the ones that look like socks,” snag these snug sneakers for the winter months ahead. Whether you’re running errands or heading to class, you won’t have to worry about catching an awkward ankle breeze at the expense of style.

4. Patent Boots

ASOS Design Rural Patent Ankle Boot

Price: $56

Whether it be through boots, heels or mules, patent shoes make for a bold statement. From cut-off jeans to hounds tooth skirts, these boots give an edge to an otherwise muted look.

5. Hiker Boots

Urban Outfitters Mia Treaded Hiker Boots

Price: $59.50 (on sale!)

Since when were hiking boots worn for activities outside of hiking? This season, apparently. Stores ranging from Urban Outfitters to Free People have unloaded a handful of similarly styled boots, marking them as appropriate for daily use. Without saying, they will also inevitably help you navigate your way through snow leftovers.

6. Chunky Boots

RAID Daelyn Black Eyelet Detail Chunky Boots (available on ASOS)

Price: $64

While chunky boots may have seemingly been lost in the age of Avril Lavigne and Hot Topic… they’re making a comeback! Snag a pair to make a once-classic look a statement, essentially leaving your fashion followers big shoes to fill (quite literally).

7. Chelsea Boots:

RAID Radar Black Chunky Chelsea Boots (available on ASOS)

Price: $48

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a classic Chelsea boot. Commonly worn in black, these shoes can be paired with almost any fall or winter look. Contrary to other suggested shoes that require an outfit to work around them, these shoes allow for the clothing aspect to take charge, serving as an interchangeable, yet important, final touch.

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